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Christian - Professor Song

Molly - Guppy Girl

Gil - Bubble Boy

Goby - Robot Repairman

Deema - Mega City's Chef

Nonny - Mega City's Mail Carrier

Oona - Mega City's Driver


  • In My Neighborhood was played, during the scene where Goby first appeared in Mega City.


I Am Professor Song

I Get Whatever I Want


  1. Issac Ryan Brown as Goby
  2. Tori Feinstein as Oona
  3. Bailey Gambertoglio as Molly
  4. Frank Welker as Bubble Puppy
  5. Jay Gragnani as Gil
  6. Grace Kaufman as Deema
  7. Jet Jurgensmeyer as Nonny
  8. Diedrich Bader as Roscoe
  9. Kath Soucie as Robot Reba
  10. Stephen Root as Robot Ripley
  11. Lauren Tom as Robot Raquel
  12. Mark Hamill as Christian/Rex Robot


Part 1[]

All: Robot Rampage!

Christian: (Evil Laughter)

(The episode starts off with Goby at the playground with his robot Roscoe.)

Goby: How are you feeling, Roscoe?

Roscoe: All systems, a-okay!

Goby: Well, I'll just take a look at your control panel.

(Goby checks the control panel and everything looked fine.)

Goby: (sighs) Everything looks fine. (To the audience) Hey! It's me, Goby! And this is my robot, Roscoe.

Roscoe: Hello!

Goby: I was just giving him a little tune-up. Cuz, I'm a Robot Repairman. I know all about robots and know how to fix them."

Roscoe: All systems, a-okay.

Goby: See that button. It turns the robots off and on. And see that little green light, that means that all of Roscoe's systems are functioning properly.

Roscoe: All systems, a-okay.

Goby: (sighs) Which is a problem with being a Robot Repairman. You see, robots never break. Hmmm. Maybe today, a Robot will break and I can repair it. That would be so great! C'mon, Roscoe! To our shop, Rapid Robot Repair... In Mega City! Where robots do anything! Let's take a look at these robots. Good morning! How are you feeling?

Robot #1: All systems, a-okay.

Goby: Okay. Hey! How are you?

Robot #2: All systems, a-okay.

Goby: Aw, man! Robots never ever break! C'mon, Roscoe. Let's go see what's happening at the repair shop.

(Goby led Roscoe to the Robot Repair Shop.)

Goby: Robot Roscoe, Report!

Roscoe: Robot Roscoe, getting some shop information. Robot Roscoe reporting, incoming visitors, incoming calls, incoming broken robots soon enough.

Goby: All right!

(Suddenly, the phone rings.)

Goby: The phone! Roscoe! It's the phone!"

Roscoe: Alert! The phone is ringing!

Goby: The phone is ringing!"

Roscoe: Alert! Alert! The phone is ringing.

Goby: That's right, Roscoe! The phone's ringing! All right!

Roscoe: Repairman Goby. Alert! The phone is ringing!

Goby: Oh. I guess I better answer it!

(Goby answers the phone. A Bubble appears with Deema at the phone.)

Goby: Hello! Rapid Robot Repair! This is Repairman Goby.

Deema: This is Miss Deema! MY ROBOT IS BREAKING DOWN! HELP!

Goby: Yes! I mean, give us your coordinates, and we'll be there right away.

Deema: My coordinates are 2-3-5. Hurry!

(The Bubble pops.)

Goby: Roscoe! We got a robot to repair!

(Goby and Roscoe hurry to the Robot Repair Truck.)

Goby: Step on it, Roscoe!

Roscoe: Stepping on it!

(They blast off into the city)

Roscoe: Approaching 2-3-5.

(They arrive at Deema robot home.)

Goby: This must be the house. Good afternoon, ma'am! Repairman Goby, Rapid Robot Repair!

Roscoe: Robot Roscoe! Rapid Robot Repair!

Deema: Thank goodness, you're here!

Goby: Is there a problem with your robot?

Deema: Uh-huh. I'll show you.

(Deema led Goby and Roscoe inside. Unbeknownst of them, a shadowy figures hides behind the bushes)

Christian: (Evil Snicker)

Molly: "I've never had a problem with Robot Rebekah before."

Oona: "That's because robots never break.”

Molly: "Oh, Yeah! Well. Get a load of this."

(When Molly opened the door...)

Both: (Gasping).

Robot Rebekah: "Robot Rebekah making cookies! Robot Rebekah making cookies!"

Goby: "Wow!"

Oona: "How did all this happened?"

Molly: "All I said, was Make Cookies, And right now, she won't stop. But, that's not the worst part!"

Robot Rebekah: "All systems, a-okay. All systems, a-okay.."

Molly: "See what I mean."

Goby: "That is bad!"

Oona: "You're telling me! But, I'm sure we can fix her!"

Goby: "Yeah! All we gotta do is get to Robot Rebekah's control panel!"

Molly: "Good luck! I'll wait here! But, be careful!"

Robot Rebekah: "Robot Rebekah, making cookies."

Oona: "Stay calm, Robot Rebekah!"

Robot Rebekah: "Robot Rebekah! All systems, a-okay!"

Goby: "We just need to take a look at your control panel!"

Robot Rebekah: "All systems, a-Okay."

Oona: "Robot Roscoe! A little help, please? We need to surround her, so, Goby and I can take at look at Rebekah's control panel."

Roscoe: "Surrounding her!"

Robot Rebekah: "Robot Rebekah, all systems a-okay."

Roscoe: "Alert! Cookie dough! Alert! Alert!"

Molly: "Yikes! Whoa!"

Robot Rebekah: "All systems, a-okay."

Oona: "Whoa!"

Goby: "Robot Rebekah's on a rampage!"

(Song: .)

(Song ends as they turn off Robot Rebekah.)

Molly: "I've never seen a robot do anything like that."

Goby: "Me neither!"

Oona: "Something tells me, she had a total breakdown! We better take a closer look at her control panel."

Goby: "Ya know, robots never break! I wonder why this one did."

Oona: "Let's find out!"

(When they open the control panel, something falls out.)

Molly: "Hey! What's this?"

Goby: "I don't know."

Oona: "Maybe she had a screw loose or something."

Goby: "Hmm. Yep! Uh-huh!"

(Unbeknowst of them, the screw loose sprouts wings.)

Goby: "That looks okay. Interesting."

Molly: "Find anything?"

Goby: "Hmm. She looks okay."

Oona: "But, we better send her to the shop just in case."

Goby: "Robot Roscoe, let's load her into the truck and..."

Gil: "Help! Help!"

Bubble Puppy: (Barks).

Molly: "What's that?"

Goby: "It's coming from outside. C'mon!"

(They swim outside, to find another robot on a rampage and Gil and Bubble Puppy.)

Robot Ryan: "All systems, a-Okay!"

Gil: "Sorry! Sorry! Oh no!"

Robot Ryan: "Robot Ryan, getting mail!"

Gil: "Robot Ryan, stop! My robot's having a breakdown! Bubble Puppy and I are in need of a Robot Repairman!"

Goby: "I'm a Robot Repairman!"

Oona: "I'm his assistant!"

(Goby and Oona swim after Gil and Bubble Puppy.)

Gil: "Ryan, stop!"

Goby: "Hi!"

Oona: "Hello!"

Both: "Rapid Robot Repair here!"

Goby: "Has your robot done this before?"

Gil: "Umm. No! All I said was Robot Ryan, get mail. And now, he's grabbing every mailbox in the neighborhood."

Robot Ryan: "Robot Ryan, getting mail."

Gil: "Robot Ryan! Stop that!"

Oona: "Looks like your robot is on a rampage too!"

Goby: "Robot Ryan! Stop!"

Gil: "Robot Ryan, no!"

Robot Ryan: "All systems, a-Okay!"

Goby: "Run!"

Oona: "We're losing him!"

Molly: "Hey! Hop on!"

(Goby, Oona, Gil and Bubble Puppy board the truck as they go after Robot Ryan.)

Robot Ryan: "Robot Ryan, getting mail!"

(Song: .)

(Song ends as they turn off Robot Ryan.)

Molly: "Wow! I've never seen a robot do anything like that."

Gil: "You're telling me!"

Goby: "Two total breakdowns in one day! Amazing!"

Oona: "We better take a look at Robot Ryan's control panel."

(Goby and Oona open the control panel, to find another screw loose.)

Molly: "Looks like he got another screw loose too!"

Goby: "That's strange! Let's take a look."

(Same as before, the screw loose sprouts wings.)

Goby: "Well. He looks okay."

Oona: "But, I recommend we take him back to the shop, just in case."

Goby: "Now, where did that loose screw go?"

Gil: "It's gotta be around here, somewhere."

Molly: "Maybe, it rolled under the truck."

(The screw loose flew over to the person.)

Professor Bug: "Hello, my little bug! Now, wasn't that fun? And evil? (Laughs evilly) That's right, my little bug. Evil! (Laughs)."

Goby: "Hey! What's that noise?"

Molly: "Sounds like someone's laughing."

Oona: "I don't see anyone?"

Deema: (Screams).

Goby: "Whoa!"

Molly: "Hey!"

Gil: "What was that?"

Oona: "What now?!"

Deema: "Sorry! And help! My robot is having a breakdown!"

Robot Ryleigh: "All systems, a-Okay."

Deema: (Screams)"I'm in need of a robot repairman."

Both: "You're a Robot Repairman!"

Oona: "Not to mention Robot Repairing Assistant!"

Goby: "Right! We're coming!"

(They hop in the truck.)

Goby: "Everybody, strapped in and accounted for?"

Molly: "Yep!"

Gil: "Ready to go!"

Bubble Puppy: (Barks).

Oona: "Nice! Let's go save Deema!"

Goby: "Robot Roscoe! Step on it!"

Roscoe: "Stepping on it!"

(They fly after Deema as quick as they could.)

Deema: (Screams).

Both: "Rapid Robot Repair, here!"

Oona: "What seems to be the problem this time?"

Deema: "Well. All I said is, Robot Ryleigh, Step on it! And all of a sudden, we're..."

Robot Ryleigh: "Robot Ryleigh, Stepping on it!"

Deema: "Whoa! Robot Ryleigh, stop!"

Goby: "Robot Roscoe! Follow them!"

Roscoe: "Following them!"

Gil: "Ya know, I think..."

Molly: "That Robot is on a rampage as well!"

Goby: "Hold on!"

(They follow Deema and Robot Ryleigh.)

Deema: (Screams)"Whoa! Uh oh!"

Robot Ryleigh: "Robot Ryleigh! Stepping on it!"

Deema: "Yikes! Robot Ryleigh! Stop! Stop! Whoa! (Screaming)!"

Goby: "Robot Roscoe, extend seat!"

Roscoe: "Extending seat!"

Goby: "Speed up, Roscoe!"

Oona: "C'mon, Goby!"

Goby: "Good afternoon, ma'am! I'm Robot Repairman Goby!"

Oona: (With a megaphone)"And I'm his Robot Repairing Assistant, Oona!"

Goby: "I just need to get a look at your robot's control panel."

Robot Ryleigh: "Robot Ryleigh! All systems, a-Okay."

Both: "Whoa!"

(A barrel roll caused Goby to fall.)

Goby: (Screams).

Molly: "Oh no!"

Gil: "Repairman Goby!"

Oona: "Roscoe! Do something!"

Roscoe: "Robot Roscoe! Saving Repairman Goby!"

(They flew down and save Goby.)

All: "Repairman Goby!"

Oona: "Thank goodness, you're okay."

Goby: "Thanks! Now, let's stop this rampaging Robot!"

Deema: (Screams).

All: "There they are!"

Goby: "Robot Roscoe! Deploy the flying car controller!"

Roscoe: "Deploying flying car controller!"

(A magnet deploys and the car sticks to it.)

Goby: "Got 'Em!"

All: (Cheering).

Oona: "Way to go!"

Goby: "Now, let's take them back to the shop!"

(They head back to the shop. It was dusk by the time, they got there.)

Deema: "Phew. Have you seen anything like that?"

Gil: "Not exactly!"

Molly: "But, we've come close!"

Deema: "She had a total breakdown!"

Robot Ryleigh: "Robot Ryleigh! Stepping on it! All systems, a-Okay."

(Oona and Goby turn off Robot Ryleigh and checked her control panel.)

Goby: "Gotcha! Hmm. Another robot with a screw loose"

Molly: "That's three in one day!"

Deema: "Three robots breaking down in one day? Something's fishy."

Gil: "I wonder what's going on?"

Oona: "Uh, Guys."

(A computer appears.)

Professor Bug: "People of Mega City! Sire, step a little closer!"

Nonny: "Yes, master!"

Deema: "What?!"

Oona: "What’s happening?"

Molly: "Who's that?!"

Professor Bug: "People of Mega City! I'm Professor Bug! All of your robots are all under my control. From now on, I alone rule Mega City! (Laughs evilly)."

Goby: "Oh my goodness!"

(Song: .)

(Song ends.)

Professor Bug: (Laughs evilly)"Robots! Forward! Front and Center! (Laughs evilly)."

All: (Gasping).

Goby: "Yikes!"

Oona: "Oh no!"

All: "All systems, a-Okay!"

Molly: "Let's get out of here!"

(They try to run, but, the robots surround them.)

All: (Gasping).

Gil: "Uh Oh!"

Deema: "We're trapped!"

Professor Bug: (Laughs evilly).

(A To Be Continued Title appears.)

Part 2[]

(The scene opens up to where the previous episode left off. Where the robots surround the Guppies and Roscoe.)

Deema: "We're trapped!"

Professor Bug: (Laughs evilly).

Deema: (Gasps).

Gil: "Oh, man!"

All: "All systems, a-okay."

Goby: "Whoa!"

Deema: “Oh no!"

Molly: "What ar we going to do?"

Goby: "C'mon, Everybody! Into the shop!"

Oona: "Hurry!"

Molly: "Run!"

Gil: "Let’s go!"

Goby: "C'mon, Everyone! Hurry!"

(The Guppies and Roscoe hurry to the shop as fast as they could.)

Oona: "Hurry Get Inside!"

Goby: "Roscoe! A little help, please?"

(They close the doors.)

All: "Phew."

Molly: "That was close!"

Gil: "Yeah!"

Deema: "Those Robots sure are on a rampage!"

Goby: "We'll be safe in here for now."

Deema: "All, I wanna know is, who is this Professor Bug?"

Molly: "And how did he take control of all of the robots?"

Oona: "Except for Roscoe."

Roscoe: "All systems, a-Okay."

Deema: "You Guys looked at all of our robot's control panels. How his he doing it."

All: "Yeah! How?"

Goby: "Hmm. I don't know."

Oona: "When we looked at all of your robots, they all seemed okay."

Goby: "Except that they all have a screw loose. Like this."

Gil: "Well. That can't be it."

Molly: "Nope!"

Deema: "Absolutely not!"

Goby: "Professor Bug must be using something else to control all the robots."

Gil: "I wonder what."

All: "Hmm."

(Same as the last episode, the screw loose sprouts wings.)

Goby: (Gasps).

All: "Whoa! Yikes!"

Deema: "Grab it!"

Gil: "Oh boy! Don't let it get away."

Bubble Puppy: (Barks).

Goby: "We've got a Screw Loose!"

Roscoe: "Alert! Alert!"

(Song: Screw Loose.)

(Song ends as Goby sprays the screw loose.)

Goby: "Got it!"

Molly: "So, that's why our robots went on a rampage."

Deema: "Professor Bug..."

Gil: "Bugged them!"

Molly: "I guess that's why they call him Professor Bug."

Goby: "And there's only one place he could be."

All: "Where?!"

Goby: "The Robotics lab."

Oona: "Our Mission is to get in to the Robotics lab..."

Molly: "Find out how Professor Bug controls the bug..."

Gil: "And stop it!"

Goby: "Exactly!"

All: "To the Flying Truck!"

(They swam outside to find no robots.)

Goby: "All clear, come on out."

Gil: "I don't see any robots."

Oona: "Okay. Let's go!"

(But, then, the robots have been hiding behind the cars waiting to attack.)

All: "All systems, a-Okay."

Guppies: (Gasps).

Gil: "Oh my goodness!"

Goby: "Split Up, Guys!"

Oona: "Get to the Truck!"

Molly: "Run!"

Deema: "Yikes!"

Molly: "Whoa!"

Deema: "Nice!"

Gil: "Yikes!" I can't look."

Goby: "Aha!"

(Goby turns off three robots.)

Gil: "Hey! They stopped!"

(Suddenly, a Robot falls.)

Gil: (Screams).

Molly: "Uh Oh! Robot Roscoe!"

Both: "Help!"

Roscoe: "Robot Roscoe Helping!"

(Robot Roscoe scoops up Molly and Deema.)

Both: "Whoa!"

Molly: "Thanks, Roscoe!"

All: (Gasping).

Goby: "C'mon, Guys!"

Oona: "Get in the..."

All: "Oof!"

Gil: (Screams).

All: "Yh Oh!"

(Gil bumps into everybody and they fall like dominoes.)

All: (Coughing and Gasping).

Deema: "Go, Go, go!"

Goby: "C'mon, Guys!"

Oona: "Get to the truck!"

(A robot catches Deema.)

Goby: "Hurry, you Guys!"

Oona: "Wait. Where's Deema?"

All: (Gasping)"Hurry! C'mon, Deema!"

Gil: "Stop fooling around!"

Oona: "Jump!"

(Deema jumps.)

Deema: (Gasps)"I made it!"

All: (Cheering).

Gil: "Oh no!"

Molly: "We Gotcha!"

Goby: "Hang on, Deema! Robot Roscoe, step on it!"

Roscoe: "Robot Roscoe, stepping on it!"

(They take off.)

Deema: "Now, That was close!"

Molly: "Those are some mighty mean robots!"

Goby: "They're not bad! They've been bugged!"

Oona: "We've gotta stop Professor Bug and his evil plot!"

Goby: "Roscoe, set coordinates to the Robotics lab."

Roscoe: "Robot Roscoe, setting coordinates."

(They hurry on over to the Robotics lab. Meanwhile, at the Robotics lab.)