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After Molly's gift to Mr and Mrs Grouper got taken by a rabbit, Molly and Gil stumble upon a world called Wonderland.




(The episode starts off with Gil playing fetch with his dog Bubble Puppy.)

  • Gil: "Okay Bubble Puppy! Ready boy?"
  • Bubble Puppy: (Barks).
  • Gil: "Fetch!"

(Bubble Puppy fetches the stick.)

  • Gil: (Laughs).

(Just at that moment, Molly walks over wearing a blue dress with a white t-shirt.)

  • Molly: "Hey Gil. Hi Bubble Puppy."
  • Bubble Puppy: (Barks).
  • Gil: "Hiya, Molly. I'm playing fetch with my dog, Bubble Puppy. Huh? Whatcha got there?"
  • Molly: "This is a present for Mr and Mrs Grouper's anniversary."
  • Gil: "It's their anniversary. Cool!"
  • Molly: "Everyone is coming later for this celebration."
  • Gil: "Is that Mr and Mrs Grouper's presents."
  • Molly: "Yep! I went shopping and I brought Mrs Grouper, beautiful earrings and a ring. And for Mr Grouper, I bought him a necktie and a pocket watch, so he'll be anywhere on time."

(Right on cue, a hare hops by.)

  • White Hare: "Oh. I'm late! I'm late! Can I borrow that, Thanks!"

(The White Hare took the pocket watch.)

  • Molly: "Hey! You, bunny rabbit. Give that back. It's for Mr and Mrs Grouper's anniversary."
  • White Hare: "No time now. I'm late."

(He hops away.)

  • Molly: "Oh Great! I lost the pocket watch for Mr Grouper and that White Hare just took it."
  • Gil: "Don't worry Molly. I'll help you get it back. When's the anniversary."
  • Molly: "It starts tonight."
  • Gil: "Hmm. Good thing I have my watch on my wrist. Hmm. It's 12:00. So looks like we only have 8 hours to get the pocket watch back. Looks like we have a lot of time now."
  • Molly: "Well. Let's hurry. Follow that White Hare. I always wanted to say that!"

(Molly and Gil swam off to find the White Hare.)

  • White Hare: "I'm late! I'm late!"
  • Molly: "Come back here, White Hare. I need the pocket watch as a present for Mr and Mrs Grouper's anniversary."
  • White Hare: "Can't right now, dearie. I'm late. See ya!"

(The White Hare jumps into his hole.)

  • Molly: "Oh. He went in that hole. Quick, we have to follow him. Hurry up, Gilly. We can't be late."
  • Gil: "Right! We can't be late for the anniversary party. Okay Bubble Puppy. You stay here."
  • Bubble Puppy: (Whimpers).
  • Gil: "Aww. Don't worry, boy. We won't be long and we'll be back with only 8 hours to spare."
  • Bubble Puppy: (Barks).
  • Gil: "Okay. The White Hare went down that rabbit hole. Let's go after it!"
  • Molly: "Okay! Here we go!"
  • Gil: "See you when we get back, Bubble Puppy!"

(Molly and Gil jumped in the rabbit hole and began to slide down.)

  • Both: (Cheering).

(Not even some sliding moments later, a big clock appeared.)

  • Molly: (Gasps)"Oh no!"

(They went off the jump part gap of the slide.)

  • White Hare: "I'm late! I'm late!"
  • Gil: "Hey!"
  • Both: "It's the White Hare!"

(They suddenly fall.)

  • Both: "Whoa!"

(They land on the slide and continue to slide down until they went through a door and fall through the inside of the clock.)

  • Both: (Screaming).
  • Molly: "Hey White Hare! Wait! Come back!"

(They went through another hole that leads to another world. Molly lands in a bubble with Gil following suit.)

  • Gil: "Whoa!"
  • Molly: "Hey. Everything's all upside down."

(Everything gets turned right side up.)

  • Both: "Whoa!"

(Their bubble pops and they land on solid ground.)

  • All: "Oof!"
  • Molly: "Where are we?"