The guppies participate in the Bubbletucky Spelling Bee!

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On the way to school, Molly and Gil quiz each other to see which words they can spell. When they enter the classroom, Mr. Grouoper starts teaching the kids about spelling.


  • Banana (Nonny)
  • Major (Goby)
  • Spa (Oona)
  • Wedding (Molly)
  • Lovely (Gil)


Molly: "Hi! It's me, Molly! And it's time for...--!"

Lead Researcher: Too much!

Pre Viz, Color: No No

Molly: "Well, then--" 

Gil: "Sorry."

Directors Notes: Don't be worry again!

Molly: It's time for bubble guppies!

After the theme song, the Little Fish announce the episode title.

Little Fish: "'The Bubbletucky Spelling Bee!'"

Gil: "Hi!"

As Gil swims toward the school, she sees a group of kids and a teacher gathered on a small stage.

Molly: "'Gil.' G-I-L. 'Gil!'"

Mrs. Paulsen: "That's correct!"

Gil: "There's my friend, Molly!" (calls to her) "Molly!"

Molly: "Gil!" (Gil swims over) "Want to practice for the Bubbletucky Spelling Bee with us?"

Gil: "Yeah!"

Mrs. Paulsen: "Oh, you're all doing so well! This spelling bee is going to be G-R-E-A-T!"

Molly: "I can't wait!"

Gil: "Yeah! I've wanted to be in the spelling bee forever!"

Molly: "We love the spelling bee!"

Gil: "Me, too!" (notices the time) "But we'd better get going, Molly, or we're going to be late!"

Molly: "Oh, right!" (laughs)

Molly: (to the viewers) "Come on!"

While Molly and Gil resume their to-school swim, Nonny and the others greet the viewers.

Oona: "Hello there!"

Goby: "Hello!"

Deema: "Hi there!"

Bubble Puppy barks.

Guppies: "Good morning, Mr. Grouper!"

Mr. Grouper: "Well, good morning, everyone!"

Oona: ''Wow Molly, That's a lot of spelling bee contest!''

Molly: ''Thanks, but i don't have anywhere for her spelling bee.''

Mr Grouper: ''Aw, That's okay molly, But you gonna have a spelling bee contest.''

All: ''A Contest!''

Deema: ''What's the contest?''

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