The guppies are having a party when a mean witch kidnaps Gil! She takes him to the Castle of Kidnapping, where she puts him in a cage that hangs precariously over a pool of lava. Meanwhile, the other guppies are worried. Then, out of nowhere, a white, black, and yellow guppy appears, stating that he is a Baltimore legend. He gives them powers and cool outfits to help them rescue Gil. Can they save him before his cage falls into the lava?

(This episode is a one-hour special)


(The episode starts off with the Guppies arriving at a store.)

Gil: "Huh. What are we doing here, guys?"

Molly: "It's a surprise!"

(The Guppies swam inside.)

Molly: "Ta-Da!"

(Four dresses and three uniforms are hanged up and put on display.)

Zooli: "Wow! Cool!"

Molly: "Time to get changed! Don't wanna keep Mr Grouper waiting any longer."

(A while later, the Guppies changed into their pretty clothes.)

Oona: "We look amazing!"

Deema: "A perfect way to celebrate!"

Molly: "C'mon!"

(They swam off. Gil noticed Bubble Puppy getting a newspaper.)

Gil: "What's this. The Witch has escaped from exile?! What?! I've got to warn the others. Guys! The Witch has escaped from exile!"

All: "What?!"

Goby: "Maybe we should postpone the celebration!"

Molly: "No. We can't the people have been waiting too long for this. I think we should patrol the place."

Nonny: "Okay. But, if we're doing this, I think we should split up!"

Zooli and Oona: "We'll go with Nonny!"

Molly: "Gilly! You go with Bubble Puppy!"

Gil: "Okay!"

(The Guppies all split it.)

(The Guppies reached the Castle of Kidnapping.)

Oona: "I can see the Castle of Kidnapping!"

Goby: "Let's go!"

(swim up to the castle gate)

Lightningtail: "This i--ahh!"

Bots: "Do not enter the Castle of Kidnapping!"

Oona: "Run!"

Goby: "How will we get in?"

Oona: "Pole vaulting!"

Molly: "Really..."

Oona: "What?! If we can just get in they'll be none of the wiser!"

Molly: "Fine!"

(the guppies make it inside the castle)

Goby: "Okay, we're in! Let's go save Gil.Look out Gil here we come--ahh!"

Nonny: "They got Goby!"

All: "Goby."

(with Gil)

Gil: "Goby? Why are you here?"

Goby: "Got taken."

(back with the other guppies)

Oona: "The castle's booby trapped!"

Deema: (Laughter)"These plants are tickling me!"

All: "Deema!"

(with Gil and Goby)

Goby: "You got caught in a trap, too?"

Deema: "Yes I think so."

(with the others)

Nonny: "Jump on the floating platforms!"

Molly: "I have a bad feeling about this..."

Oona: "Ahh! I'm falling!"

Both: "Oona."

(with Gil,Goby, and Deema)

Gil: "That makes four of us..."

(with the last remaining guppies)

Molly: "It's just you and me now, guys..."

Nonny: "Look! There they are!"

Zooli: "Over there!"

Guppies: "Molly! Nonny! Zooli!"

Molly: "Don't worry, everybody! We'll save you!"

Nonny: "How about you Ligtningtail? Lightningtail, where is he? Where did he go?"

???: "Muwahahahahaha!"

Molly: "Um...Lightningtail?"

???: "I'm not Lightningtail... I'm...the witch!"

Zooli: "Where's Lightningtail?"

Witch: "He'll be eaten by piranhas in a few minutes...!"

Molly: "Quick Nonny."

Nonny: "I have to control metal!"

(gains the power to control metal, breaks cages)

Witch: "Curse you!"

Molly: "I have to control wood!" (breaks witch's broom)

Witch: "No!"

Molly: "Sorry Witch. You messed with the wrong guppies. Now Zooli, you have to control bubbles!"

Zooli: "Super bubble!"

(The bubble floats toward the witch and she gets trapped in it.)

Witch: "What hey I'm trapped."

Molly: "Deema! Push the self destruct button. It could totally blow up the Castle Of Kidnapping. Hurry."

(Deema pushes the self destruct button.)

Witch: "No!"

Computer: "10 Seconds to self destruct."

Molly: "Hurry guys. Let's get out of here."

Deema: "You're coming with us, witch."

(They get out of the Castle of Kidnapping and the whole thing exploded.)

Gil: "Alright guys let's put the witch into this door for good."

Witch: "No.No."

Goby: "And she is out of here."

(They lock and barged the door up for good.)

Molly: "Can you do the honours Gilly."

Gil: "With pleasure."

(They throw the door down a cliff. The guppies did a tail slap for their well done. Meanwhile at a very special ceremony)

Mayor: "For saving us all from the witch once again, the new Baltimore legends are...the Bubble Guppies!"

All: (Cheering).

Everyone started waving at everybody. And the special comes to an end.)

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