Eunice De Fleur
 Eunice De Fleur is a french poet guppy who writes poems about the people or things around her.She is five years old and is very intelligent.


Eunice likes to write poems about people,places or things.She especially loves to write about her hometown,Paris,France.Her best friends are Fat Alien (From CTW) and Telena .She also likes the color teal.


Eunice has orange hair streaked with dark blue, blue, darker blue, pink, darkest blue, plum, deep blue, orange, deeper blue, green, deepest blue, yellow, deep dark blue, peach, deeper darker blue, black, deepest darkest blue, white, grey, brown, gold, dark brown, silver, darker brown, gray, darkest brown, indigo, deep brown, platinum, deeper brown, violet, bronze, pink, copper, pale orange, deep dark brown, very pale beige, deeper darker brown, turquoise, deepest darkest brown, beige, light brown, mauve, lighter brown, lightest brown, bright brown, brighter brown, brightest brown, bright light brown, brighter lighter brown and brightest lightest brown and mauve, dark blue eyes,and a white tail.She also has peach skin wears a black shirt and a beret.

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