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This a story about Molly and her secrets that she has never told. Written By: Joseph Bingham. Directed By: Dylan Boyle. Based on the Bubble Guppies Sound-books by: PLAY-A-SOUND. Molly Secret Created By: Emma Wakins. Music By: Guy Moon.


  • Molly
  • Ashlie(Molly's Sister)
  • Gil
  • Goby
  • Oona
  • Deema
  • Nonny

hashtag episode 688 the box Dylan Molly's Dad/The Shadow Bad Guy/Clam Mr. Grouper

Chapter 1: In the Begginning[]

  • Molly was walking in the park holding hands with Nonny
  • Molly: This is great, Nonny *Kisses him*
  • Nonny: Erm. But i'm Oona's Boyfriend not yours.
  • Molly: Your mine now
  • Gil: Molly you left your DS at my- MOLLY! What are you doing with Nonny?
  • Molly: Oops, *Stroms off*
  • Nonny: I'm okay
  • Gil: Hey why were you with Molly
  • Nonny: I told her I'm Oona's Boyfriend then she said your mine now
  • Gil:oh so i see.
  • Nonny: its not what you think?
  • Gil: Its okay i am going to be alone again [he cry]
  • Nonny: Gil don`t cry you are not alone.
  • Meanwhile at molly house.
  • knock knock
  • Molly:hello
  • Nonny: Its Nonny.
  • Molly: Is gil is there i am so sorry.
  • Nonny:No you made gil alone.
  • Molly: get out.
  • Nonny:okay
  • next morning molly went to school.
  • Molly: Where is gilly?
  • Oona: Gil is at home.I don`t know what happen because when i call him he didn`t asnwer.
  • Nonny:I want to know why is he at home [staring at molly]
  • Molly : Stop staring at me!
  • Deema:What is wornge with you.
  • Molly:is nothing.
  • Nonny Keep looking at molly.
  • Molly:Okay i did it i made gil stay at home.[she cry] but i didn`t mean to.(she still cry)
  • Oona: Don't cry i know you did not mean to.
  • Nonny: Oh she did.
  • Oona:what do you mean
  • Nonny tell them the story.
  • Oona: You what!
  • Deema: Oona come down
  • Molly:Because of oona keep talking about nonny i want to see if what she saying is true and you trick gil for kissing you oona.You are not mad nonny.
  • Nonny: No oona say she want to spend time with gil for a second. But lucky oona told me befor she go.
  • Molly skip to gil house and konck on the door.
  • Gil: who is it?
  • Molly:is me and i came to say that you mean more than everybody and i mean everybody well i kind of like nonny the same as you but please gilly forgive me.If you don`t i will kill my self.
  • Gil: NaH, ( slams door)
  • Molly:WHAT THE?
  • Continued in episode 688 the box...

Episode 688 (the box...)