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Gabriel Gentilella
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Name Gabriel Gentilella
A/K/A Baby Gabe

Molly's little boy

Age 4
Dislikes When his mom is mad at him
Gender Male
Favorite Thing to Do Pleasing his mom

Character Info

His name is Gabriel Gentilella. He is Molly and Gil's future son. He is a mama's boy and has the same laugh and scream as his dad. He is the younger brother of Susanna.


Like his dad, he has light peach skin and spiky hair. Like his mom, he has brown eyes and a blue tail. The only thing that isn't like his mom or dad is his light red hair color.


He is alot like his mom. He is kind and will help his friends. His singing voice really isn't that good, but his parents love him either way. He often competes with Susanna for his mom's attention.


Molly - Mother

Gil - Father

Susanna - Older sister

Tobias - Uncle

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon - Grandparents

Mr. and Mrs. Gentilella - Grandparents