Character InfoEdit

George is a brainy, yet careless and goofy boy guppy. He's more likely to get swept up in the action than comment on it, though he does use an advanced vocabulary for his age. He is best friends with Carson and shares hairstyles with Nonny. Physical activities sometimes make George a little unsure of himself, as he'd rather define the sport than play it. Even so, George has a persevering spirit. His willingness to keep trying, combined with encouragement from his friends, often leads him to triumph in the end. George loves to read comic books and eat cheeseburgers. His nickname is 'Geo,' but nobody calls him that except Joshua. He has feelings for Hannah.


George has peach skin, messy blond hair, and brown eyes. He wears red scuba goggles for glasses, and his tail is orange with yellow polka-dots.


  • George is allergic to mud.
  • Of all the guppies, George smiles the most.
  • His favorite color is yellow.
  • George is thought to be the craziest guppy.
  • Strangely, minus the goggles and brown eyes, Geroge resembles a male version of Deema.
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