Name Gil
Age 5
Voice Actor Zachary Gordon,Jacob Bertrand,Jay Gragnani,Drew Davis

Welcome to Gil's Area

Gil Gordon is a fun and energetic boy guppy, and that is why people like to hang with him. He's Goby and Oona's best friend. He's a bit hyper - if he sees a ball, he has to throw it; if he finds an electric guitar, he has to play it; and if there's a pig costume around, you can be sure he'll be oinking in no time.

Gil's upbeat energy and insatiable curiosity are infectious, so he's great at encouraging others to join in on his adventures. You can be sure he'll deliver some friendly slapstick humor along the way. He is often the subject of a continuing joke that repeats during the episodes. Gil's real birthday is November 25.

Ever at Molly's side (seeing as he has feelings for her), he's also sung some of the pop songs. His favorite food is Pizza and Apple Juice. Gil was born on November 25, 2008.


Gil has pale skin, blue eyes, spiky blue hair, and a dark green, camo-patterned mermaidtail. But in Zach and Leah's greatest adventures he wore a dress with a white t-shirt and he wore orange and white striped tights.

Trivia Edit

  • Gil's favorite color is violet.
  • It's speculated that Gil and Deema might be cousins because they have the same skin and eye color and act the same.
  • Gil's male best friend is Goby.
  • Gil is the only guppy with a one-syllable name.
  • Gil's eye color batched his hair.
  • Gil is often the target of the jokes in his and Molly's sketches.
  • His favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate chip.
  • Gil is afraid of bees.
  • Gil loves cookies.
  • He is very ticklish.
  • In the special episode "Bubble Guppies: Explorers Of The Sky",Gil was the only guppy to have visions of things.

Season 2 Edit

In season two, Gil's character design is totally different.

  • His hair is lighter.
  • His eyebrows are thinner.
  • His Tummy and tail are thicker.
  • His voice has gotten deeper
  • Bubble Guppies is owed by a Canadian company.

Season 3 Edit

  • His voice has changed

Season 4 Edit

  • His voice has changed

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