(Note:This movie is sort of different from the original Alice In Wonderland.) The movie begins by showing the guppies playing together.Deema,Molly and Juna are dressed up like cats.Goby and Jonesy are arm wrestling.Nonny is reading a book about vowels.Suddenly,Anna starts pacing the floor.

Anna:Oh no! I have a party to go to! I'm late! I'm late!

Goby:Calm down,Anna.It's just a party.

Anna:It's not just a party! Clarece's birthday is today and you know how she is if you show up late! I'm late! I'm late! I'M LATE!

All: We know!

(Anna quickly swims out the door.)

Jonesy:Wow.That's not like Anna.She's usually calm and relaxed,like Nonny.

Deema:Oh well.

Nonny:Did you know that the letters a,e,i,o,u are vowels?

Oona:No.Hey Gil, what are you doing?

Gil:Just imaging about a world of my own.

Molly:What's it like?

Gil:People and things aren't what they seem to be and nothing seems to make sense.

Juna:Sounds like a pretty crazy world,Gil.

Gil:It is.

Mr.Grouper:Line up, everyone.It's time to go outside!

(Everyone lines up except for Gil.)

Juna:Hey Gil,aren't you coming?

Gil:No.I'm going to think about my world.


(Gil stays in the classroom while the others go outside.He starts daydreaming about his world.Suddenly,he begins to feel tired.)

Gil:(Yawning) I feel sleepy.I'm going to take a nap.

(Gil dozes off to sleep.When he wakes up,he will find himself in a strange world where nothing makes sense and things are not what they seem to be.)

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