Gil finally lands into an empty room.He doesn't see anything except for a small door.

Gil:I wonder if the rabbit went through his door.

Gil tries to get in the door,but it is too small for him.

Gil:Great.How do I get through the door?

Doorknob:Well,first you need the key.

Gil:Did you just talk?

Doorknob:Yes I did.The other thing you need to do is shrink yourself.

Gil:Shrink myself? How do you expect me to do that?

Gil turns around to find a table with a bottle on top of it.

Gil:Strange.I don't remember that table being there.What's in this bottle,anyway?

The bottle read:Drink Me.

Gil:I'm supposed to drink this? It might be poisoned or something.Well,if I don't try it,i'll never know.Bottoms up!

Gil drinks a little bit of the liquid from the bottle.Suddenly,he begins to shrink.

Gil:Okay,I shrunk myself.Now I can get through the door.

Gil attempts to open the door,but it is locked.

Gil:I forgot the key! Now I can't get through the door or find the rabbit!

Gil starts crying.He cried so much that it flooded the whole room.

Doorknob:Hey,stop crying! I can't take it!

The door suddenly bursts open from all the tears putting pressure on it.


Part Four coming soon.

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