Goby is a creative male guppy with a vivid, offbeat imagination. He loves to put on costumes, tell stories, and speak in silly voices. Goby does not keep his imagination to himself, instead he uses it to invent exciting outdoor adventure stories for his friends to act out. Goby loves to bring his friends together for some adventurous imaginative play both in the classroom and on the playground. He likes to eat turkey sandwiches and cran-apple juice and he also likes to wear baseball caps. He is best friends with Gil. Along with Deema, he sings few of the dance songs, however none in season 3. Goby is voiced by Jelani Imani (Seasons 1-2), Christopher Borger (singing voice in Season 1), Marleik Mar Mar Walker (Season 3), Johntae Lipscomb (singing voice in The Puppy And The Ring!), Issac Ryan Brown (Season 4), Caleb Clark (Season 5-Seasons 6), Josiah Gaffney (Season 6-present), Eric A. Walker Jr. (Singing season 5-present), and John'tae Sturgess (re-dubbing singing seasons 5 and 6-present).

Physical Information[edit | edit source]

Goby has brown skin, dark indigo hair, and brown eyes. His tail has wavy blue and purple stripes. Goby is African-American due to his dark brown skin.But in Zach and Leah's greatest adventures he wore a blue dress and wore a blue cardigan.He also wore green and white striped leggings like Molly.

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