Guppies Ahoy! is the 54th episode of Meet The Electronicles!.

Plot Edit

While on a trip to the Caribbean Islands, the Guppies and the Electronicles explored a pirate ship in a cave, and met a friendly ghost named Pirate Norbert, but when they raised the Jolly Roger, they have to work together to stop Gearbeard the Pirate.

Songs Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Guppies all wore the same pirate outfits from X Marks the Spot, except for Zooli and Deema.

Characters Edit

  • Splattery
  • Flatterine
  • Loundrel
  • Gloobert
  • Squidling
  • Cadabrin
  • Bloomie
  • Doomer
  • Molly
  • Gil
  • Goby
  • Nonny
  • Oona
  • Deema
  • Zooli
  • Pirate Norbert
  • Gearbeard the Pirate
  • First Mate
  • Pirate Crew

Story Edit

The episode starts off with the Guppies and the Electronicles surfing on the waves.

Molly: "Whoo-Hoo! Surf's Up!"

Bloomie: (Sighs) "I'm so glad I invited you all to the Caribbean Islands!"

Gil: "And thanks for inviting us to come along!"

Oona: "It's always been a dream of ours to travel and see the world!"

Cadabrin: "Any time!"

Goby: "Surfing is one of the best things to do in the Caribbean Islands!"

Splattery: "I'll say! This is awesome!"

Nonny: "Guys! Look! I'm hanging ten!"

Doomer: "Nice!" (Suddenly, starts to slip) "Uh Oh! Whoa!" (everyone then wipes out and head for the shore, laughing)

Splattery: "Guys! Look! A cave!"

Flatterine: "Where does it lead?"

Zooli: "Let's Go find out!"

The Guppies and the Electronicles all paddled in the cave and they see a pirate ship.

All: "Whoa! Wow!"

Gloobert: "Look! A pirate ship!"

Squidling: "Cool!"

Deema: "What are we waiting for. Let's play pirates!" (Dons a bycocket)

The Guppies and the Electronicles board the pirate ship. The Guppies all wore their pirate hats, except for Zooli and Deema.

Zooli: "Yo-Ho-Ho!"

All: "Yo-Ho-Ho!"

Loundrel: "This is fun! Isn't it, Doomer? Doomer!"

Doomer: "Hey, Guys! Look what I found."

The Guppies and the Electronicles noticed Doomer with a Jolly Roger flag.

Doomer: "I bet this goes on the mast!"

Suddenly, a ghost-like wind blows.

Deema: "Ooh. I feel a chilling breeze!"

A ghost pirate comes out.

All: (Screaming).

Pirate Norbert: "Get off me ship, you scurvy dogs!"

Zooli: "It's a ghost pirate!"

Deema: "I'll take it from here, guys!" (Gets out a sword) "En garde!"

Pirate Norbert: (Yelps) "Please! Don't hurt me!"

Gil: "It's okay! We're not gonna hurt you! We were just playing pirates!"

Pirate Norbert: "Sorry for tripping! We haven't had guests in here for a long time! I'm Norbert! And that's Polly the Parrot!"

Polly: "Polly the Parrot! Polly the Parrot!"

Molly: "I'm Molly! And these are the Guppies!"

Loundrel: "And I'm Loundrel, and these are the Electronicles!"

Pirate Norbert: "Well. I hate to ruin your fun, but, can you kids play pirates someplace else?"

Deema: "Oh, c'mon! We just found this ship in this cave!"

Molly: "Time to set sail!"

They raise the sails and sail out of the cave.

Doomer: "Time to raise the Jolly Roger!"

Pirate Norbert: "No! Wait!"

Too late! Doomer raised the Jolly Roger.

Pirate Norbert: "What are you doing? Oh man! This isn't good!"

Gearbeard: "Arr!" (everyone turns to the front of the ship as a green spiritual ghost appears)

All: (Gasping).

Loundrel: "Who is that ghost?"

Pirate Norbert: "Captain Gearbeard The Pirate! I escaped his wrath for 300 years! Give or take a month! When he sets foot on this ship, he'll fly this ship and us to the afterlife forever!"

Deema: "Well. Don't shiver your timbers, Norbert! We are not gonna let Gearbeard set foot on this ship!"

Molly: "But, how?"

Deema: "We're gonna have to work together, crew as a team!"

Loundrel: "I like our odds!"

All: "Let's do it!" (Does a handstack) "Yo-Ho-Ho!"

Gearbeard: "Prepared to be boarded, you seaworthy shrimps!"

Molly: "First off, we are the Guppies and the Electronicles. Secondly, we are not shrimps! Thirdly, you will regret this and you will not board this ship!"

Deema: "Fire the cannon!"

Cadabrin: "Okay. Cover your ears, Bloomie!"

Bloomie does so and Cadabrin fires the cannon and it hits Gearbeard's boat and it launched him in the atmosphere.

All: (Cheering).

Norbert: "Think he's gone?"

Gearbeard: (Appears on the rocks) "Think again, scaredy cats!" (Places a log on the boat and starts walking on it)

Deema: (Jumps on the log) "This will be like the log rolling contest. Guys! Cue the music!"

All: "Aye-Aye!"

The Guppies and the Electronicles play some instruments and Deema performs a log rolling dance on the pole. Eventually, Gearbeard gets launched in the air and lands on the splits and falls painfully in the water.

Deema: "Sweet!" (Notices the log breaking) "Time to get off this thing!" (jumps off it while it lands on Gearbeard's head)

Oona: "Way to go, Deema!"

Zooli: "No one can really let Gearbeard on board this ship!"

However, Gearbeard climbed the chain and sets foot on the ship.

Norbert: "Gearbeard!"

Gearbeard: "I got you now!"

Zooli: "Perhaps, I spoke too soon!"

Gil: "Whoa! What's happening?"

The ship starts floating up to the atmosphere. Deema hides with Norbert while her friends gets tied up by Gearbeard.

Gearbeard: "Now, no one can stop me now!"

Splattery: "What more do you want from us?!"

Gearbeard: "I bet you're feeling curious. Clueless. Confused. Allow me to explain about my wrath. Help me out, boys!" (a ghostly pirate crew appeared and performed their sea shanty.)

Pirate #1: "Ooh! Captain's gonna sing a sea shanty" (Gearbeard starts singing)

Gearbeard: "Here you are on a boat. You're adrift

You're afloat

One might even say you're stuck.

Well I don't want to gloat but

I would like to note that you're in luck

You've been saved by the ghost that rules these waters

So forget about your chances of your life!

First mate, introduce me to them pleeease!"

First Mate and Chorus: "Aye, Aye, Captain Gearbeard.

He's a big scary,

Elegant yet hairy,

Fear inspiring, years till' retiring,

Looting, stealing,

Mealing and Dealing!

Undisputed master of the seas!

Gil: "Oh, jeez."

Gearbeard: "That's me!"

Chorus: "Tis' he!"

Gearbeard: "That's me!"

Chorus: "Tis' he!"

Gearbeard: "That's me!

Chorus: "Tis' he!"

Gearbeard: "Okay, Okay,

I'm an evil ghost pirate pioneer and these are my brave buccaneers,

All of whom were once lost souls like you."

Gearbeard: "It's true!"

Pirate #1: "He rescued us!"

Pirate #2: "He saved our lives!"

First Mate: "For that he owe our lives to us and assuming he doesn't kill you..."

Chorus: "You will owe him too!"

Gearbeard: "Kill them?" (laughs) "Me? No, no. Well, at least not this very large, useful kid."

Doomer: "Hey, hands off!"

Gearbeard: "Anyway, here we are on a ship, moving at quite a clip, through the ever-shifting ship."

First Mate: "Come along, on a trip."

Pirate #2: "That's a hint!"

Pirate #3: "That's a tip!"

Pirate #1: "That's good advice!"

First Mate and Gearbeard: "In a world that's going under, to survive you must learn to plunder."

Gearbeard: "Luckily, that's my field of expertise."

First Mate: "He's the best."

Pirates #2 and 3: "He's a robbing, thieving..."

Flatterine: "We really should be leaving..."

Pirates #4: "Weapon-throwing..."

Loundrel: "We gotta get going..."

Pirate # 3: "Animal-slaying...

Gil: "Uh, wish we could be staying..."

Chorus: "Undisputed, uncontested, people-suited..."

Gearbeard: "Yeah, you guessed it."

Chorus: "Master of the Seas!"

Molly: "Oh, please."

Gearbeard: "That's me!"

Chorus "Tis' he!"

Gearbeard: "That's me!"

Chorus: "Tis' he!"

Gearbeard: "It's who?"

First Mate: "Tis' you!"

Gearbeard: "Just testing, I knew. It's me!"

Pirates #2: "Good shanty, sir!"

Song ends.

Norbert: "What do we do."

Deema: "I don't know about you, but, I think it's time we use magic to defeat Gearbeard."

Norbert: "Let's get him!"

Deema and Norbert hurry off to untie their friends.

Molly: "Deema! Norbert! Thanks!"

Splattery: "Yeah! Thanks! That rope was really a little tight. We nearly got rope burns."

Doomer: "Ahem!" (Shows ropeburns on his wrists)

Splattery: "Forget what I said!"

Flatterine: "Time to take Gearbeard down once and for all!"

All: "Yo-Ho-Ho!"

Deema: "This is Midnight Flyer to Barrel Roll. Barrel Roll! Are you ready?"

Doomer: "Ready!" (To Gil and Oona, who are in the barrel) "You'll be okay, guys."

Oona: "Ready! Start rolling, Doomer!"

Gil: "Wait."

Doomer starts rolling the barrel.

Both: "Whoa!"

Gearbeard: "Huh?" (Gets run over) "Oww!"

Pirates: "Arrgh!" (jump off the ship and disappears) "Every mate for themselves! Ahh! I quit! I'm so out of here!"

Gil: "We're okay."

Molly: "Hey, Gearbeard! Have a nice trip!" (Trips him up)

Gearbeard: "Whoa!"

Zooli: "See you next fall!"

Deema: (Whistles as she's up on the mast)"Come and get me, Gearbeard!"

Gearbeard climbs up and he and Deema started battling.

Goby: "Go, Deema! Show that pirate what you're made of!"

Nonny: "You can do it!"

Deema falls and lands on the plank.

All: "Ooh."

Gearbeard: "I hope you had fun playing pirates!"

Deema: "Whoa! Yikes!" (Tries not to fall off the plank, but, eventually, she does) "Whoa! Abra-Ka-Deema! Please work! Please!"

All: "Deema!"

Gearbeard: "Everyone off me ship!"

Norbert: "No one lets my crew walk the plank, you mean sea crayfish!"

Deema: "Whoo-Hoo!" (Flies in)

Squidling: "Guys!"

Gloobert: "Look."

Loundrel: "Nice!"

All: "Deema!"

Molly: "Deema! You're okay. And you're flying!"

Deema: "I used my magic wand to help me fly and it did work!" (Lands as the others stand ready) "Okay. Time to stop Gearbeard once and for all!"

Molly: "Your terrorizing days on the sea are over, Gearbeard!"

Gearbeard: "This is mutiny! Mutiny, I'd tell ya!" (Polly the Parrot takes Gearbeard's hat) "Hey!"

Deema: "Meet the new skipper of the ship! Captain Norbert!"

Norbert: "Wow! And now, Captain Norbert orders you off me ship!"

Deema and Norbert jumps on the plank and it caused Gearbeard to fall.

Gearbeard: "This isn't over!" (Disappears)

The pirate ship lands back on the water and it sails to shore.

All: (Cheering).

Gil: "It's been a pleasure having fun with you, Captain Norbert!"

Norbert: "You Kids were the best crew this pirate ever had in 300 years!"

Doomer: "We're the only crew you ever had!"

Deema: "I also wanna know. How long has this ship been there and how did it get in the cave?"

Norbert: "It had been here for 300 years before and after I escaped Gearbeard's wrath. And eventually, I sailed this ship in this cave to hide."

Deema: "Hey, guys! Before we meet up with Mr and Mrs Bloom, what say I teach and show you guys some magic tricks."

All: "Yeah! Okay." (Gets off the ship.)

Cadabrin: "You wanna see some magic, Captain Norbert?" (Notices that he disappeared) "Captain Norbert?! Where are you?"

Bloomie: "Well. Ya know what they say, Ghosts! Now, you see them, now you don't."

Loundrel: "Cadabrin! Bloomie! C'mon! I think Deema's gonna teach us some flight magic."

Cadabrin: "We're coming!"

Bloomie: "Well. Goodbye, Captain Norbert! Wherever you are!"

They follow Loundrel out of the cave and the episode ends.

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