Character InfoEdit

Hannah is a sweet, sincere, sensitive, and gentle little girl who's empathetic and aware of other people's emotions. Sensitive Hannah would be the most likely to show concern for a sick friend, to notice when someone is feeling down, or to give loving care to a pet or a plant.

Her best friends are Jimberly and Oona, and they play together all the time. Hannah has a great amount of empathy. When someone is sad or unhappy, she feels the exact same way. She finds limitless wonder in the world around her; as such, she is normally the one who asks the teachers a question and is always excited to learn the answer.


Hannah has light tan skin and green, almond-shaped eyes. Her orange hair is worn in two low pigtails, and she wears a dark purple starfish bow in her hair. She has a purple tail streaked with thick, wavy orange stripes.

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