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When Trinket Can’t Bake A Cake For Jewel’s Tea Party, What’s A Princess To Do?


Jewel Sparkles

Trinket Sparkles

Marina Anchors (Mentioned)

Patch Tresurechest (Mentioned)

Suzette La Sweet

Peanut Big Top

Squirt Lil Top

Mimi La Sweet


Jewel’s House

Suzette’s Palace

Peanut’s Circus


(Nickelodeon ITunes Logo)

(Lalaloopsy Theme Song)

(The Title Card Appears)

Jewel (Offscreen): Jewel Bakes A Cake

(Episode Starts Inside Jewel’s House)

Jewel (Offscreen): So Much To Do For My Tiaras And Tea Party Party

Jewel (Onscreen): Everyone Got Invatations This Morning

Persian Cat: (Meows)

Jewel: Plenty Of Time For Marina And Patch To Do The Center Pieces

Persian Cat: (Meows)

Jewel: Peanut The Decorations? Squirt The Lighting! And Of Course. Trinket Can Do The Cake. (Jewel Hears The Doorbell Sound)

Persian Cat: (Meows)

Jewel: (Is Open The Door). Trinket. I Was Just Telling Cat

Trinket: I Can’t Pick A Cake For You Party

Jewel: Of Course You Can. I Know It’s A Lot Of Pressure

Yarn Ball Kitten: (Meows)

Persian Cat: (Meows)

Jewel: Making Something To My Standards. But You Do Just Fine

Trinket: No! That’s Not What I Mean. I’m So Sorry! But Marina And Patch And I Already Made Plans To Pick Sugar Pea Berries. And This Is The Last Day Of The Season. So We Can’t Wait

Jewel: (Gasps). But I Can’t Have An Elegant Glitter Filled Tiaras And Tea Party Party. Without You’re Special Six Tier Pink Fondant Princess Cake. The Cake Is The Best Part!

Trinket: I’m Really Sorry Jewel. I Would Love To Help. But I Simply Wouldn’t Have The Time

Jewel: But (2x)

Trinket: I Knew You Did Understand. Anything In My Kitchen Is Yours. Just Put It All Away When You’re Done. Okay. Buh Bye. Can’t Let Marina And Patch Down. (Trinket & Yarn Ball Kitten Goes Outside)

Jewel: But. What About Letting Me Down

Persian Cat: (Meows)

Jewel: And Everyone Else For That Matter

Persian Cat: (Meows)

Jewel: Cat. Where You Going

Persian Cat: (Meows)

(Scene Cuts To Suzette’s Palace)

Suzette: Bonjour Poodle

Poodle: (Barks)

Suzette: I See You Brought Company

Persian Cat: (Meows)

Poodle: (Barks)

Jewel: Don’t Worry. We We’re Just Leaving

Poodle: (Barks)

Jewel: I’m Far Too Busy To Linger

Suzette: You’re Tea Party? I Know! Bonvolage For The Invite. But I Can’t Make It. Tea Parties Aren’t My Thing

Persian Cat: (Meows)

Jewel: Once Again I Extend Myself And No One Appreciates It. You’re Not Coming. Trinket Won’t Bake My Cake

Suzette: Both Good Reasons To Cancel

Jewel: What? A Princess Never Cancels! I’ll Just Do Everything Myself

Suzette: Everything? Even Bake The Cake?

Jewel: I Could Bake A Six Tiered Pink Fondant Princess Cake. After All. Trinket Has The Recipe And All The Equipment. How Hard Can It Be?

Suzette: This I Gotta See! I’m Coming With You. Poodle?

Jewel: Cat?

Persian Cat: (Meows)

Poodle: (Barks)

Jewel: What Have You Been Up To? Oh Never Mind! We Will Discuss You’re Taste In Friends After My Party

(Scene Cuts To Peanut’s Circus)

Peanut (Offscreen): Hold Still Elephant

Elephant: (Trumpets)

Peanut (Onscreen): I Can’t Change The Wind Once It’s On Because This Is Squirt’s Super Duper Never Fade Gust Of Wind

Elephant: (Trumpets)

Peanut: I’m Using It Because I Love You So Much. I Don’t Want This Wind To Ever Fade. Come Look!

Elephant: (Trumpets & Lost My Hat)

Peanut: (Gasps)

Elephant: (Trumpets)

Peanut: Are You Okay Elephant?

Elephant: (Trumpets)

Peanut: It Is Still You. Isn’t It? Cause You Don’t Look Like You. You Look Kind Like A Elephant

Elephant: (Trumpets)

Squirt: (Is Looking A Magnifying Glass)

Peanut Worm: (Squeaks)

Squirt Thanks To My Never Fade Gust Of Wind. Elephant Now Resembles 1 Equus Caballus

Peanut: And I Just Thought He Looked Like A Elephant

Squirt: That’s What I Said

Peanut: Please Tell Me You Have An Antidote For You’re Never Fade Gust Of Wind? Maybe Some Eventually Fading Temporary Wind?

Squirt: That’s Just Regular Wind!

Peanut: What Are We Gonna Do? I Like Him As A Elephant And He Be Miserable As A Elephant!

Elephant: (Trumpets)

Squirt: Actually I Think He’s Rather Enjoying The Change

Elephant: (Trumpets)

(Scene Cuts To Jewel’s House)

Yarn Ball Kitten: (Meows)

Jewel: Hi Kitten. Trinket Said I Could Borrow Her Kitchen

Yarn Ball Kitten: (Meows)

Suzette: I Know Right? This Should Be Good!

Jewel: Never Mind Suzette. She Just See How Creative We Can Be. Kitten, Where Does Trinket Keep The Batter For A 6 Tier Fondant Princess Cake?

Yarn Ball Kitten: (Meows)

Jewel: (Gasps). I Have To Make The Batter? Well That’s Incredibly Inconvenient! I’ll Go Check! Then Where Can I Find The Recipe?

Yarn Ball Kitten: (Meows & Gives A Recipe From Jewel)

Jewel: Best Baking Fit For A Queen! (Sighs). And I’m Only A Princess? This Sounds Perfect!

Suzette: Doesn’t That Say Advanced?

Jewel: I Like A Challenge! Anyway? It’s Only Baking!

Yarn Ball Kitten: (Meows)

Suzette: I’m Impressed Jewel. Stepping Up To Try Something New Feels Very Historic

Jewel: Unless? It’s No Big Deal! This Will Be A Well Piece Of Cake. (Jewel Cracks The Eggs)

Suzette: I Don’t Think You’re Supposed To Include The Shells

Jewel: A Princess Never Ways. But Eggs Certainly Are Messy

Persian Cat: (Meows)

Jewel: No Thanks, I’ll Clean That Up Later. Next Where’s The Flour?

Persian Cat: (Meows)

Jewel: (Pours The Flour)

Suzette: Um, Are You Sure?

Jewel: Good! Now Where’s The Sugar? Whoa! (Jewel Is Slipping A Batter). (Groans). Don’t Say A Word

Suzette: (Giggles)

(Scene Cuts To Suzette’s Palace)

Mimi: (Bangs A Hammer)

Elephant: (Trumpets)

Mimi: Well His Reflexes Are Very Elephant Like. Can You High Note Please?

Elephant: (Trumpets)

Mimi: Huh? And Inside He Still Looks Like A Elephant

Peanut: But Outside He Looks Like A Elephant

Mimi: A Handsome Elephant At That

Squirt: I Am Very Familiar With The Ways Of You’re Species Elephant

Elephant: (Trumpets)

Squirt: Until We Find A Cure? I Can Provide Some Useful Data On Being More Elephant Like If You Like!

Elephant: (Trumpets)

Squirt, Mimi, Peanut Worm & Elephant: (Are Leaving)

Peanut: But What If I Miss Him Being A Elephant?

Pupcake: (Barks)

(Scene Cuts To Jewel’s House)

Jewel: I Got The Batter In The Bowl And I Am On A Roll

Suzette: You Don’t Think It’s A Little Lumpy? You May Want To Mix It!

Jewel: Yes! With One Of Those Um What Do Call It?

Suzette: A Mixer!

Jewel: The Bigger The Mixer The Quicker

Poodle: (Barks)

Jewel: The Faster The Bigger The? Unless? I’ll Just Use This One! (Jewel Is Mixing)

Poodle: (Barks)

Suzette: Whoa!

Yarn Ball Kitten: (Meows)

Jewel: Huh? Where Did The Rest Of My Batter Go? (The Batter Drops)

Suzette: You Asked

Jewel: (Scoffs). This Is What You Call Getting Creative

Poodle: (Barks)

Jewel: (Puts The Cookie Dough Batter). I’m Adding Cookie Dough To The Batter

Poodle: (Barks)

Jewel: So It Won’t Be So Drippy

Yarn Ball Kitten: (Meows)

Jewel: I Won’t Trinket Be Proud

Suzette: Huh?

Jewel: (Pours The Batter)

Suzette: I Gotta Hand Into You, Jewel. You Don’t Give Up Easy

Jewel: I Never Give Up. (Jewel Rolls The Dough). When The Going Gets Tough. I Just Find Another Way To Go. I’ll Put It In The Oven. (Jewel Is Opening The Oven, Puts The Cake, Closing The Oven & Sets A Timer For 5 Minutes)

(Scene Cuts To Lalaloopsy Land)

Elephant: (Trumpets & Jumps A Limbo)

Squirt: I Won!

Elephant: (Trumpets)

(Scene Cuts To Jewel’s House)

Suzette: Interesting Cake. Kind Of Flat, Isn’t It?

Jewel: (Sighs). I Forget The Yeast. (Jewel Pours The Yeast)

Suzette: Aren’t You Gonna Measure That?

Jewel: More Is Always Better! In Fact, I’ll Just Add A Little Of This, And Some Of That, A Few Of These, More Of Everything

(Scene Cuts To Lalaloopsy Land)

Elephant: (Trumpets)

Peanut: I’m Sure You Are Hungry. You Been Working So Hard At Being A Elephant Today

Elephant: (Trumpets)

Mimi: Squirt Should Be Back With Food Any Minute

Squirt: Hi Peanut

Peanut: Hi Squirt. Where’s Elephant Lunch?

Squirt: Right Here!

Elephant: (Trumpets)

Squirt: This Hay, Perfectly Balanced Nutrition For A Elephant, Of Course

Elephant: (Eats A Hay & Trumpets)

(Scene Cuts To Jewel’s House)