Character Info

Jimberly's Younger Sister
Name Janet
Age 0 (few months)
Gender Female
Favorite Thing to Do Crying
Voice Actor Reyna Shaskan

Janet Shaskan is Oona and Jimberly's five-months-old sister. She still cries occasionally because she's so young, but she talks and swims well for her age. She loves to be around Oona, but her favourite sister is Jimberly because she always plays with her. Oona is the one who patches Janet up when she hurts herself. She has a slight crush on Brandon.


Oona - Eldest Sister

Jimberly- Favorite Sister


Janet has light pale skin, brown eyes, and violet hair worn in two lower pigtails puts a blue barrette. Her mermaidtail is with thick, wavy green stripes. She has a blue-dotted, hot pink pacifier with a violet handle that she always carries around with her, but never uses. Janet doesn't smile very often, and she usually frowns with her mouth open. She often wears a pink skirt and a yelow petal hairclip behind her ears.
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