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Character Info

"Umm....Hi, I'm Jax."
Name Jax
A/K/A "Little Miss Awkward"
Age 10
Dislikes Heat, Having Nothing covering her wrists,Being in crowds
Gender Female
Favorite Thing to Do Reading, Hanging out with her bro


Jax  is a really smart and insecure guppy (She's quite athletic). She's really shy, and only being loud when around her twin brother Jordan and her friends. She LOVES reading books and she loves to write. She has an advanced vocabulary for a kid her age (She read the entire dictionary..twice). Most people say she's cold, but she's not. She is really sensitive when it comes to other people being hurt. Although very different from her brother, they get along and they're really close. when the other needs a shoulder to cry on, the other is always there.


She has wavy blonde hair with blue coming from the tips of her hair. She has almond brown Eyes, A sky blue tail with white curvy stripes, yellowish tan skin and has a rather skinny nature for a kid ten years old. She wears reading glasses when she reads and she has a two piece 'swimsuit'. (She has a tank top.) and She wears green dangle bracelets.


She is a shy and insecure guppy..only being loud and mischievous when with her brother. She is quite cold when around people she dislikes but she is really sensitive towards other people when hurt. She's always there when her brother needs her the most...the same goes with her best friend; Mikey (more tba, if I find someone willing to become her bestfriend..XD)


She actually has a really beautiful and angelic voice when it comes to singing. She only sings in front of her mirror, or her brother. She is also very creative AND very good at Soccer. She is not a very good dancer, usually forgetting the steps or getting it wrong.



-They're really close, to be considering the fact that they're twins. They care for each other and they're pretty much glued together. Where Jordan goes, Jax follows; Where Jax goes, Jordan follows.


-Mikey is Jordan and Jax's puppy. He always knows when Jax is sad...And Jax also know if Mikey wants something. They are pretty much best buds.