Character Info

Jimberyl fanon
Oona's Baby Sister
Name Jimberly
A/K/A Jimberlie
Age 2
Dislikes Ashlie
Gender Female
Favorite Thing to Do Playing with Go Karts
Voice Actor Reyna Shaskan and Jailbreak Hont
First Appearance Jimberly’s Best Moments

Jimberly Shaskan is a sweet, sincere, and gentle little girl who's empathetic and aware of other people's emotions. Sensitive Jimberly would be the most likely to show concern for a sick friend, to notice when someone is feeling down, or to give loving care to a pet or a plant.

This little guppy possesses a great amount of empathy. When someone is sad or unhappy, she feels the exact same way.

Jimberly finds limitless wonder in the world around her. She is normally the one to ask Mrs. Grouper a question and is always excited to learn the answer.

She might have feelings for Joshua.


Jimberly has light pale skin and brown eyes. Her violet hair is worn in two lower pigtails, and she wears a blue barrette. Her mermaidtail is light green with wavy, dark green stripes. Her eyes are almond-shaped instead of round.



  • In "The Lonely Elephant," Jimberly showed she was not a vegetarian when she ate a hamburger for lunch.
  • Like Joshua, Jimberly sings backup in most episodes and hasn't led a dance song yet, making her the girl who's sung the fewest songs in the series so far.
  • Jimberly's favorite color is teal, but in "The Color Race!", she had to drive the yellow drivecar.
  • Jimberly is the only female guppy to have a full tail instead of a half-tail and bikini top.
  • Her best friend is Joshua. They can often be seen together when Jimberly isn't with Olivia, and she can often been seen with Olivia when Joshua isn't with Jimberly.  On occasion, Olivia uses affectionate pet names for her.
  • Jimberly rarely delivers the lunch jokes' punchline. The only episode she does is "Amazing Fishtennial Party!" (a horn on a cob).
  • In "We Will Rock You!", it is revealed that Jimberly's favorite sandwich is peanut butter and jelly.
  • Jimberly asks the most questions in almost every episode, and Joshua usually answers her.
  • She loves fireworks.
  • On "Have a Pig!" and "Bubble Kitty!", Jimberly is shown to love animals, just like Tobias.
  • During the pop songs in some episodes, she plays the drums. In "We Will Rock You!," Jimberly plays them for the story segment.
    • During the pop song in "The Tooth is on the Loose!," she plays guitar while Tobias plays the drums.
  • Jimberly has only been the main character in three episodes: "Call an Ambulance!," "A Goldfish Special!," and "The Winter Walrus Is Coming!"
  • During the story segment in "X Marks Where the Treasure Is!", Jimberly says to Ashlie, "Oh, goody! Oops, I mean, ARGH!"
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