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Character Info

Nonny's Younger Brother
Name Joshua
A/K/A "Mr. Reckless"
Gender Male
Favorite Thing to Do going to the park
Voice Actor Eamon Pirruccello

Joshua is an overly hyper male guppy. Jimberly is his best friend. Physical activities make Joshua a bit overconfident.


Josua has peach skin, orange hair, and brown eyes. He wears blue scuba goggles for glasses, and his tail is light purple with dark purple stripes.



  • It is revealed in can you eat it that Joshua is allergic to peanut butter
  • Along with Olivia, Joshua makes the most lunch jokes.
  • As shown In "Fishketball!," Joshua can't catch a ball properly.
  • Out of all the guppies, Joshua and Jimberly have been lead singers the least, usually opting to sing backup. However, he did sing lead near the end of "Can You Bury It?"
  • In Season One, Joshua is the guppy who smiles the most. In Season Two, he rarely smiles at all.
  • Joshua's favorite color is purple.
  • So far in Season Two, Joshua has made all the lunch jokes.
    • Strangely enough, nearly all of them have to do with spaghetti and meatballs.
  • As of yet, Joshua hasn't said hello to the viewers upon entering the classroom. Instead of sitting down, too, he's always seen standing when Mrs. Grouper arrives.
  • Joshua is thought to be the dumbest guppy in class.
  • On Halloween, Joshua dressed like a vampire, and in the "Spooky!" song, he wore sharp vampire teeth.


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