Love is in the waterEdit

"Love is in the water" it's a fanon episode of the Bubble Guppies created by Sparklin Star. It's a Valentine's Day special and i hope you'll like it.

Plot Edit

Nonny and Oona meet a lobster named Tom on the way to school. He is sad because it's Valentine's Day and he doesn't know what present give to his wife Sally. So, the guppies decide to help him and find a very special v-day present .

Songs : Love Is In The Water (Pop Song), Spread The love (Dance Song),

Shop Segment : Oona's Present Store

Lunch : Oona - a spinach salad and a cookie, Gil - a pizza and an apple, Molly - a pizza and a chocolate covered heartberries

Storybook : The Love Fairies

Field Trip : Bubbletucky's Valentine's Day Ball

Important Chareters : Nonny and Oona

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