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Molly and Gil are both similar in many ways. Molly is more the type of girl to be caring and sensible while Gil is sometimes careless and goofy. They have possible crushes on each other.

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  • In the Bubble Guppies Theme Song, Gil is introduced himself after Molly. Later, they were dancing next to each other while the guppies are in a circle, and they are seen giving high fives with their tails.
  • In the outside song,Gil is standing behind Molly.
  • In Happy Holidays Mr Grumpfish!, Gil was the only one to wait for Molly when everyone was going to the party.
  • In The Crayon Prix!, Molly says "Are you okay, Gil?" right after he's out of the race.
  • Molly and Gil sometimes share the recess sketch together.
  • Molly and Gil hugged each other in Bubble Puppy's Fin-tastic Fairytale! and in Firefighter Gil To The Rescue!.
  • Molly is the one to call Gil, Gilly.
  • In The Good, the Bad, and the Grumpy!, Gil goes after Molly for help and comforts her when she gets grumpy.

Fanon Edit

  • In April Fools,Gil scares her. Then,at the last sketch,Molly gets Gil back by scaring him.
  • In The Fireworks Party, when Gil was really sad about the fireworks display being cancelled, Molly comforts him.
  • In Super Guppies To The Rescue ,when Gil was in his superhero attire, Molly complements how good it looks on him. In the story sketch, she and Oona help Gil repair his spaceship.
  • Snow Day: Molly and Gil sang the pop song.
  • Baby Troubles: Molly and Gil, as a cowboy and a cowgirl, live at some cowhand village.
  • Spooky Field Trip: Gil stays behind Molly when the guppies and the crab journey into the Big Bubble Museum.
  • International Super Spy: Gil was one of Molly's henchmen
  • Molly Runs Away: Gil was worried and sad about Molly's disappearance
  • Danger In Gil's Life: Molly was concerned with Gil's condition
  • The Fight For Deema's Life: Molly hugs Gil while he was sobbing
  • The Fight In Little Fish's Life: Gil and the other guppies cry for Molly's "death", Molly and Gil are once again together at the end of the fourth part of the movie.
  • Sorcerer's Apprentices: Molly and Gil are Mickey's apprentices
  • It's Raining,It's Pouring: Molly sat next to Gil at lunch.
  • The Bubble-Lympics: Molly sat next to Gil at lunch.
  • The Legend Of The Volcano Sisters: Gil danced next to Molly during the song "We're Glad"
  • The Little Shop Of Horrors: In the song "Somewhere That's Green", Molly made love eyes at Gil multiple times.

Hints(Zach and Leah’s Greatest Adventures) Edit

Hints(Go For It With Hilary James Lyall) Edit

  1. Guppy Scouts Of Glory: Hilary gets Molly,Gil,The Genies and Zach and Leah to find her four lost contestants when they disappeared.
  2. The Guppy Scout-Athon Finale: Molly and Gil compete against each other in the Final Go For It Face Off.
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