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All the guppies and Mr. Grouper have fun learning about the number 19. Counting to 19. Quantities of 19. The shape of a 19. More about 19.

Pop: Nonny's number 19 rap

Pop (2): Number 19 march (One and then a nine)


Shop owners: Gil and Mr. Grouper

Lunch: Deema (Turquoise lunch box), Gil (Blue lunch box) and Oona (Green lunch box)

Joke: Gil (Nineteenaroni and Cheese)

Storybook: The number 19 museum

Characters: Gil, Goby, and Nonny

Narrator: Mr. Grouper

Dance Song: Nineteen

Important characters: Deema, Nonny, and Gil

Transcript (Part 1)[]

Little fish (The reddish-purple one): BUBBLE GUPPIES. 2!

Little fish (The greenish blue one): Here we go.

Oona: (To the viewers) Hello. I'm Oona. It's time for....

Nineteen shaped radio plays the NINETEEN song

Gil sings along.

Oona: Gil? Gil? GILLY?

Gil: Oh. Sorry Oona. I was just singing a song about a number. Can you guess?

Oona: It's time for....

Gil whistles: One!

Oona: It's time for....

Gil whistles: Nine! Now nine, stand on the right side of the one.

Oona: (To Gil) What will we learn today? (Looks down at 19) Oooh. I see what were learning today, Gil.

Gil: (To viewers) Today is number 19 day in Bubble Guppies 2. That means all the songs, and games in the episode will have the number nineteen in it.

Oona and Gil: Hooray number 19! It's time for Bubble Guppies 2!

(Bubble pops)

Intro song

After that, Mr. Blue: "Nineteen wonders! I get it. It's got the number 19. A large number"

Transitions to bubble tucky with Deema, Gil, and Nonny.

Nonny (To viewers): Hello!

Deema: (To viewers) Hi there!

Gil: (To viewers) Hi everyone!

Right on their way to school. Gil turns his head.

Gil: (To viewers) It's the dj narwhal!

All 3 guppies: (To viewers) Come on!

They swim to the DJ narwhal

All 3 guppies: Hello DJ Narwhal!

DJ Narwhal: Hello Gil, Nonny and Deema. I'm sure you three are going to enjoy this song called Nineteen! which goes something like this.

Song plays. After that...

Deema: Hey, Nonners! That song was all about the number 19.

Nonny: (To viewers) Did you enjoy the 19 song? (time to answer) I did. Follow us. (To Narwhal) Goodbye.

DJ Narwhal: Goodbye guys. (To viewers) I'll see you at the theater.

The 3 continue to school

All 3 guppies: (To viewers) Come on!

The viewer heads towards the schoolroom. Doors open.

Molly: Hello.

Goby: Hello kids! Nice to see you again!

Oona: Hi there children! How are you?

All 3: Good Morning Mr. Grouper.

Mr. Grouper: (To viewers) Well, Hello there! Good morning everyone.

Deema: Hello.

Mr. Grouper: Hello Deema, Nonny, and Gil. What's up?

Nonny: The DJ Narwhal gave us this song all about the number 19 featuring 19 cactus plants. 19 rubber snakes, and 19 of more.

Mr. Grouper: What a surprise. I can guess what day it is. (To viewers) Can you?

5 seconds later, Little fish (The blue one): It's number 19 day!

Mr. Grouper: (To viewers) You're right. Number 19 day.

Goby (To viewers): All the activities, songs and games have the number nineteen in them. (To Mr. Grouper) What is the number 19?

Mr. Grouper: Well, let's think about it. The number nineteen is a number with 2 digits. A one and then a......

(5 seconds to answer)

Gil: Nine!

Mr. Grouper: Yep. A one and a nine. Let's find examples of things that there are nineteen of. What are these nineteen of?

(5 seconds ot answer)

Oona and Gil: Blue hats!

Mr. Grouper: Yep. Let's get counting.

Mr. Grouper, Gil, and Oona: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19!

Gil: 19 blue hats!

Mr. Grouper: Yep. Let's see what else we can find nineteen of. How about these. What are these nineteen of?

(5 seconds ot answer)

Deema and Gil: Elephants.

Mr. Grouper: That is correct. Let's get counting.

Mr. Grouper, Gil, and Deema: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19!

Gil: There are indefinite amounts of numbers, but we're focused on the number 19.

Mr. Grouper: You're right, Gil.

Oona: What else shall we count 19 of?

Deema: I know! We could go to the dog park, maybe there are nineteen dogs there?

Let's count the dogs.

Gil, Deema, and Oona exit the scene.

Molly: I want to count to.

Goby: So do I!.

Grouper: Ok. You can count with me. (To viewers) and so can you.

All 3: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19!

Molly and Goby: Nineteen dogs.

Grouper: Perfect. Now we need to make sure each dog has a balloon.

We'd better count again.

Molly: This time, let's count by 2's starting at 1.

Goby: Wonderful Idea, Molly.

Grouper: Let's do it.

All 3: 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19!

Molly: 19 Balloons!

Grouper: That's right. 19 dogs and 19 balloons. That's a perfect picture for a dog party.

Nonny comes in.

Nonny: I have one. Let's count shapes.

Molly and Nonny: Shapes?

Nonny: Yeah. Shapes, as in my building blocks. I want to make sure there are 19.

Grouper: I see. Let's count together. (To viewers) and that includes you.

All: 1!

Nonny: A blue circle.

All: 2!

Nonny: A red square.

All: 3!

Nonny: A yellow triangle.

All: 4!

Nonny: A green circle.

All: 5!

Nonny: An orange square.

All: 6!

Nonny: A purple triangle.

All: 7!

Nonny: A blue rectangle.

All: 8!

Nonny: A red oval.

All: 9!

Nonny: A yellow diamond.

All: 10!

Nonny: A green rectangle.


Nonny: An orange oval.

All: 12!

Nonny: A purple diamond.

All: 13!

Nonny: A blue octagon.

All: 14.

Nonny: A red star.

All: 15.

Nonny: A yellow heart.

All: 16.

Nonny: A green octagon.

All: 17.

Nonny: An orange star.

All: 18.

Nonny: A purple heart.

All: 19!

Nonny: A rainbow arch. That's nineteen shapes. Let's count again.

All 4: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19!

Nonny, Goby, and Molly: 19 shapes.

Grouper: Yep. We've been focusing a lot on the number 19.

Gil: I'm a one.

Oona: I'm a nine.

Both: Put us like this and we're both a nineteen!

Transcript (Part 2): Shop Sketch[]

Gil is the assistant.

Along came Molly and Oona who both see the 19s everywhere.

Oona: What is going on in here?

Gil: This is the Nineteeni Resteraunt.

Mr. Grouper/Nineteeni: I'm here. I am THE GREAT NINETEENI of "THE NINETEENIEN RESTURAUNT" where every food is shaped like the number 19 and everything comes in 19s. How may we help you?

Molly: We'd like some food that has the number 19 in it.

Mr. Grouper: Well, you've certainly come to the right place.

Deema (Off screen): Hey, that's my line!

All: Sorry.

Deema (Off screen): Meh, I don't care. I guess I can share it.

Grouper: Thanks. Now. (Bubble pops and transitions to the resturant) Welcome to "THE NINETEENIEN RESTURAUNT".

Gil: How may we help you? Here's some examples.

Grouper: Maybe a you'd like a 19 burger (One in the shape of a 19), a 19 cake. (Self explanatory), or maybe a jar of nineteen Jawbreakers?

Oona: I'll take a number nineteen pepperoni pizza (pizza with 19 pepperonis).

Molly: I think I want a bag of nineteen gummiworms.

Gil: Coming right up. 

Mr. Grouper/Nineteeni: We need help selecting food, do we select the burger, or Pizza first?

Gil: (Looks at viewers) Can you help? We need to know which to select first.

Viewer: Perhaps the burger?

Little Fish: The burger!

Grouper: There are 3 molds here for number burgers. The 19 shaped bread is already here.

Gil: We need you to find the number mold that matches the buns as you can see here. Which one matches?

Grouper: This one, this one, or this one? (5 second later....the third one gets a green glow)

Blue fish: That one! The blue one!

Gil: That's right! That's where we can put the beef in for it to cook. Oona says she wants a number 19 pizza.