Nobody Understands Me is a song from The Wizard of the Magical Kingdom (Extended Version.)

Characters singing-

  • Gil
  • Deema
  • Mr. Grouper
  • Oona
  • Molly
  • Goby
  • Deema
  • Olivia


Gil: "Nobody understands me! Nobody even listens! Nobody wants to help me! Might as well talk to scarecrows! But what about Bubble Puppy?"

Deema: "Now now, we're having a crisis!"

Gil: "But she's going to call the sheriff!"

Mr. Grouper: "Now now, your friends are in a state!"

Gil: "You don't understand!"

Deema, Oona, and Mr. Grouper: "Later, lad! You'll just have to wait!"

Gil: "Nobody understands me!"

Deema: "We can't afford to lose Clam."

Gil: "My little puppy's in danger!"

Mr. Grouper: "You take these outside."

Gil: "Should of been born a chicken! Then they'd have pay attention!"

Gil swims away.

Deema: "Poor little guy, and my sister troubles. Gosh all hemlock - you know, he ought to have somebody to play with."

Mr. Grouper: "I know, but we all got to work out our own problems, Deema."

Deema: "Yeah."

Mr. Grouper: "Gil's got to learn to earn his keep!"

Deema: "Mr. Grouper!"

Mr. Grouper: "Just saying. Well, come on! I hope we got them in time."

Deema: "All right. Help me get these outside."

Deema and Mr. Grouper carry stuff outside. 

Molly, Goby, and Nonny: "(chanting and singing)"

Molly: "Help me, you guys! You're stronger than me!"

Nonny: "It was scary! I thought as though it's gonna fall on me!"

Molly, Goby. and Nonny: "(chanting and singing)"

Goby: "Come on, you guys! Give it a shove!"

Molly: "Hammer and axe at the ready!"

Nonny: "Shoulders and vice!"

Goby: "Heavens above!"

Nonny: "Gee, it looks mighty unsteady!"

Gil: "Somebody has to help me!"

Molly: "How does it work anyway?"

Goby: "I'll show you."

Gil: "Somebody has to listen!"

Nonny: "Where's the oilcan?"

Gil: "Bubble Puppy's in awful trouble!"

Molly: "Yeah, hold on a sec, pal!"

Nonny: "What?"

Goby: "What is it, mate?"

Gil: "She's gonna call the sheriff!"

Molly: "Who is, wicked Olivia?"

Gil: "Olivia is taking Bubble Puppy! She says she wants to kill him!"

Goby: "What happened this time, her cat again?"

Gil: "Uh-huh!"

Nonny: "Shall we do what we did last time?"

Molly: "When we were watering the crops?"

Goby: "And turned the hose on Olivia!"

Nonny: "Shall we do that again?"

Molly: "I'll get you, and that boy, and his little puppy too!"

Gil: "It's not funny, you guys! If you play anymore tricks, it will make it worse!"

Molly, Goby, and Nonny: "Relax, she's not gonna take him!"

Gil: "But, she will!"

Goby: "She just wants to give you a fright!"

Gil: "No, she means it!"

Molly, Goby, and Nonny: "You ought to know who barks worse than her bite!"

Molly: "Goby, help me fix this!"

Nonny: "Goby, can you help me with this?"

Gil: "Nobody even listens! Come on, Bubble Puppy, we're not wanted here!"

Gil and Bubble Puppy swim off to Oona.

Molly: "But, Gil!"

Goby: "Poor little guy, I wish I knew how to help."

Nonny: "Yeah, I know what you mean."

Goby fixes something.

Molly and Nonny: "Whoa!"

Goby: "Phew! I fixed it!"

After Gil talks to Nonny about Olivia.

Goby: "Come on, Nonny, let's get this cleaned up."

Nonny: "Okay, Goby."

Goby and Nonny swim away chanting and singing.

Goby and Nonny: "(chanting and singing)"

After Gil talks to Oona about Olivia, he swims outside with Bubble Puppy outside the school.

Gil: "You're the only one who really loves me, Bubble Puppy. And gosh there must be some place where we belong, boy. A place where we're not in any trouble, or we're safe when we're...

Gil hears someone coming.

Gil: "Oh, Jiminy, what was that?"

Gil sees Olivia coming.

Gil: "It's her! It's Olivia! Quick, hide!"

Gil and Bubble Puppy quickly hide in the climbing frame, while Olivia stands in the playground.

Olivia: "That nasty little mongrel! That whiny little preschooler! Repulsive little canine, it's time he learnt a lesson!"

Bubble Puppy barks and growls at Olivia. Olivia quickly swims away.

Gil: "No! No, Bubble Puppy! Bubble Puppy, come back, boy!"

Bubble Puppy comes back to Gil.

Gil: "I wonder if there is such a place. Do you suppose there is such a place, Bubble Puppy? There must be. There must be somewhere. It's not a place you can get to by a boat or a train. It's far, far away. Behind the moon... beyond the rain..."

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