Noddy Gentilella is Molly's brainy,cautious,and overly shy brother. He's more likely to comment on the action than get swept up in it,often using an advanced vocabulary for his age. Physical activities make Noddy shy,he'd rather define "basketball" than play it. His willingness to keep trying,combined with encouragement from his brothers and sisters, often leads him to triumph in the end. Noddy loves to read books. He doesn't talk very much and is often very quiet.


Noddy has light brown skin,messy pink hair,and brown eyes. He wears blue scuba goggles known to be as glasses,and his tail is light blue with blue stripes.


Name: Noddy

A/K/A: "Shyboy"

Age: 4

Gender: Male

Favorite Thing To Do: Read books

Hobby: Running

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