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Nonny: oh no I'm late, ow I have a headache. mama

Mrs. P: yes Nonny

Nonny: I have a headache

Mrs. P: let me feel your head, whoa! It's warm Nonny your sick so you're staying home, and resting okay

Nonny: but could you tell Mr. Grouper?

Mrs. P: yes! I will tell him!

Mr. Grouper: hello?

Mrs. P: hello this is Nonny's mom, Nonny is sick so he won't be at school today!

Mr. Grouper: oh no! I hope he feels better! Thanks! Bye!

Mrs. P: Nonny I told him he says he hopes you feel better

Nonny: but what about Oona?

Mrs. P: did you just say her name?

Nonny : yes I did will Oona worry about me?

Mrs. P: probally now go to sleep and I will call someone to watch you

30 minutes later

Mrs. P: oh! Hello! He's upstairs thanks! Bye Nonny

Guppies: surprise Nonny!

Oona: here Nonny I made you a card and got you a teddy bear

Nonny: thanks! Oona

Oona : you said my name your welcome Nonny!

Nonny : wow! I am going to read the card

Dear! Nonny I hope you feel better, I am sorry your sick! Nonny you're the best! Hope you feel better and get rest! Oona!

Nonny: wow! Nice card Oona!

Oona : thanks! Nonny! hugs Nonny

The next morning

Nonny: Wow! I feel much better

Mrs. P: did I hear you say you're better Nonny?

Nonny :yes! Nonny hate his life

Nonny :I will mom bye! 

Mrs. P: bye Nonny

The End!