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Oona and Gil are mostly friends but might have possible crushes on each other. It could be seen in some episodes. They are opposites. Oona is caring and sensible while Gil is sometimes careless and silly. Both are somewhat gullible. Oona and Gil tell each other secret to each other. In Zach and Leah's Greatest Adventures and Hilary's Lifelong Adventures, They quickly became best friends.

Hints Oona is usually seen with Gil (and Goby)[]

  1. The Spring Chicken Is Coming: Gil asked Oona is she wanted to do the spring chicken dance.
  2. Super Shrimptennial Celebration and Can You Dig It?: Gil and Oona did the story segment together.
  3. The Crayon Prix: Oona was Gil's customer.
  4. Boy Meets Squirrel: Oona and Gil are seen together(along with Nonny).
  5. Let's Put On A Play: Gil looks at Oona several times during the song.
  6. The Spring Chicken Is Coming: Gil wanted to help Oona watering her plant.
  7. The Glitter Games: Gil is Oona's servant is a story segment.

Hints (Fanon)[]

  1. The Fireworks Party: Gil and Oona once were together during the pop song.
  2. Batman Guppy: The Movie!: Oona, as Harley Quinn, is a sidekick of Gil, as the Jokers, and his girlfriend.
  3. In Valentine, you will never forget Gil is Oona valentine.
  4. In Valentine, you will never forget Oona tell Molly that she can not keep a secret from Gil.
  5. In Gil and Oona, Gil invite Oona.
  6. In Gil and Oona, Oona gave Gil a hug than a kiss.
  7. Oona and Gil to prove that she not mad at molly and nonny.

Hints (Zach and Leah's Greatest Adventures)[]

  1. Sailtastic Adventure: During the episode Molly gets Oona and Gil to persuade the monkey for the rope they're hoping to get back.
  2. Piggy Protocol: Oona shows Gil swinging to the other side is fun but not scary.
  3. Family Day: Oona shows Gil swinging over crabs is fun but not scary.

Hints (Go For It With Hilary James Lyall)[]

  1. That Doesn’t Float My Banana Boat (Unless You’re a Monkey): Hilary gets Gil,Oona,Zach and Leah to get her neighbor’s rope back after it got stolen by a monkey.They each won 15 bonus points for overcoming their shyness and got Hilary’s neighbor’s rope back from the monkey.Which makes them the daily winners.
  2. Hilary Pigs Out and Has a Swinging Good Time: Oona and Gil swung together.
  3. A Family Reunion? Holy Crab!: Hilary gets Gil,Oona,Deema,Zach and Leah to go to the Big Top to become circus performers.
  4. You Can’t Teach a Pop Star Magic Tricks: Hilary gets Gil,Oona and the Genies to become magicians and put on their own magic show.
  5. Guppy Scout Finale IV: The Talent Show Begins: Gil and Oona compete against each other in the Final Go For It Face Off.
  6. Hilary Has A Wild Good Time: Hilary sends Gil,Oona,Zach and Leah to go to Africa to learn about rhinos.

Hints(Hilary’s Lifelong Adventures)[]

  1. The Wet-Tastic Journey:
  2. Animals Galore: