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Orange Delight

Character info[]

Her name is Orange Delight. She is the tenth member of the SourBakes and is Rainbow Flavor's alternate counterpart.


Guppy form[]

Orange Delight looks like Deema except:

  • Her hair is orange.
  • Her eyes are green.
  • Her earring and dressing are light teal.
  • She has blue spots on her tail.

Humanoid form[]

She is the same.


Orange Delight has a similar personality similar to Rainbow Flavor, as both are competitive, rough-and-tumble tomboys. However, they differs in some ways. While Rainbow is very agile and is quick to react, Orange is rather slow. Despite this, she gets better.

Voice actor[]

  • Reyna Shaskan (Season 6-present and in the Jupiter Kids films)


  • Her Sour Mark is an orange slice.