Personality Edit

6 1/2 year old Ranaldo is a small,overly tough Borealis boy. Instead of performing an action or do it himself,he's the type to comment or describe on it instead. He's an exceptionally tough little boy and doesn't always think twice. Tough,perilous,and eventually smart,Ranaldo usually is the one to define any word thrown out there or answers Borenzo's questions within mere-seconds. He's cautious because of this,and is not the one to try a sport or new things immediately without learning as much as he possibly can first. His angry look is noticeable,but has a happy look on rare occasions. Usually when with Borenzo,people have noticed. Which may hint at his brotherly love for him. He is pretty angry and quiet,but seems to make an angry face often as a result of him as the toughest of the 6 Borealis brothers. But despite this,Ranaldo is known for his persevering spirit. His willingness to keep trying,combined with encouragement from his friends,often lead to triumph in the end.

Looks Edit

Ranaldo's hair resembles Gil's and exactly the same color,except for the bang,which is a swirl. His eyes are blue. His light blue sailor hat is noticeable. His outfit is a blue long sleeved shirt with a black stripe across the middle. He has light blue pante and shoes.

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