Personality Edit

Rawfley is a selfish villain guppy! He uses his powers to hurt the innocent,however in the episode The Fight In Little Fish's Life, when he first saw Molly, he didn't do any bad things to her. In the episode Spooky Field Trip,he's shown to be loud,and sometimes says "I have gubbles" in a very loud voice. Rawfley has the same wicked smile as The Dark Star Guppy.

Looks Edit

Rawfley has green skin, green eyes, dark blue hair in Gil's style, wears a red robe, and has a gray tail. Under that red robe,he has a black long-sleeved outfit on. He wears dark gray gloves,has a black tail,and wears a red belt. Second form: green skin,green eyes,red hair worn in Gil's style, a lavender cape, and a dark blue outfit with red short sleeves that reaches to his elbows.

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