Season 5 is the fifth season of Bubble Guppies.


  1. The New Guppy!
  2. Secret Agent Nonny!
  3. The Kingdom of Clean!
  4. The Good, the Sad, and the Grumpy!
  5. The Rise of the Witch!
  6. Bubbletucky Takedown!
  7. Clam and a Half Shell!
  8. Hunt the Puppy!
  9. Lava Dome!
  10. Robot Guppies!
  11. Deema's Relatives!
  12. Apartment for Two!
  13. Ocean Patrol!
  14. Rockin’ Out!
  15. Genie in a Bubble!
  16. A Furry Tale!
  17. Super Baby!
  18. Dragons N’ Roses!
  19. Winter Frozenland!
  20. Movie Night!
  21. Snow Day!
  22. Treehouse Bonanza!
  23. Fireworks Party!
  24. Gil the WereGuppy!
  25. Ninja Season!
  26. Snow Squad to the Rescue!


  • Similar to Seasons 1-4, it is presumably a reboot series being the first season of this show where the animation is different than before and is prototyped, but having a better, enhanced CGI modificatiton with improved details so it is easier to see if you simply look closer (see the promo poster on right).
  • This is the first season to have Zooli in the cast as it's starring character.
    • Fred Tatasciore replaced Tino Isana as the voice of Mr. Grouper.
  • This is also the first season of this series to feature new voice actors/actresses of the 6 old, young children from the original remake, just like it does in seasons 1, 23, and 4.
  • All episodes were specials that have the story segment take up the majority of the second half of the episode.
  • This is also the first season with no dance songs or field trips. * Fortunately the Shop segment and the Lunch segment is conjoined with the story segment.
  • This is also the first season in this series to continuely premiere both on Nick worldwide/in the US and Treehouse in Canada, right after the sneak peek that just came out a week ago.
  • This is also the first season of this series to be produced by JFE instead of Nelvana for the first 4 seasons.
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