Sleepless in Future Bubbletucky! is an episode from Meet The Electronicles!.

Plot Edit

When Doomer accidentally zapped Mr and Mrs Kahani with the Dream Machine, they started to sleepwalk. Will the Guppies and the Electronicles live to tell the tale in order to save them?

Trivia Edit

  • When the two Baseball Announcers laughed, they mimic Mr Statler and Mr Waldorf's laughter.
  • Bloomie reminisced the events of Side Effects!.

Characters Edit

  1. Splattery
  2. Flatterine
  3. Loundrel
  4. Squidling
  5. Gloobert
  6. Cadabrin
  7. Bloomie
  8. Doomer
  9. Mr Kahani
  10. Mrs Kahani
  11. Molly
  12. Gil
  13. Goby
  14. Nonny
  15. Oona
  16. Deema
  17. Zooli
  18. Frankie (Mentioned)
  19. Kaylee (Mentioned)

Transcript Edit

The episode starts off with the Electronicles enjoying a great day.

Splattery: "What a beautiful day! The sun is shining! The birds are singing and Doomer is falling asleep. Huh."

Doomer: (Yawns) (Falls asleep)

Flatterine: "Doomer, buddy! Wake up!"

Doomer: (Yawns)"Sorry, Guys! I'm so tired. Last night, I just couldn't get to sleep, because, I am so tired! I was tossing and turning."

Loundrel: "Oh Boy! We gotta do something to help our friend."

Cadabrin: "Hey, Guys! Did you know that a good night's sleep can help make you grow big and strong."

Bloomie: "He has been studying about it."

All: "Okay."

Squidling: "But, we still gotta do something."

Gloobert: "Yeah!"

Loundrel: "If only we have some help."

All: "Hmm. (Gasping) The Bubble Guppies!"

Sometime later, they recruit the Bubble Guppies to help. They all went to the Electronicles' home.

Molly: "So, let me get this straight. You called us here because Doomer needs help."

Loundrel: "Yep! But, luckily, we came prepared. This Dream Machine! Patent pending! With this baby, we can help Doomer get to sleep."

Doomer: "Oh Boy!"

Mr Kahani: "So, then, I said, I know. I know. Sleep can help make you grow big and strong."

Mrs Kahani: "I get It, honey. Sleep can help make you grow. But, still..."

Doomer: "Alright!"

All: "Look Out!"

The Dream Machine zaps a Ray and it hits Mr and Mrs Kahani and they fall over.)

All: "Doomer!"

Doomer: "Whoops! Sorry! Got a little carried away! But, Mr and Mrs Kahani were about to realize that I can't sleep."

Mr and Mrs Kahani started sleepwalking.

Splattery: "Oh no! They're starting to sleepwalk."

Gil: "We gotta go after them."

Goby: "They're getting away!"

Nonny: "We gotta follow them!"

They hurry after Mr and Mrs Kahani.

Oona: "There they are! They're heading for the streets!"

Doomer: "I know what will wake them up. Water!"

All: "Doomer!"

Deema: "Note to self, Doomer. Never wake up a sleepwalking person. It's a terrible idea!"

Zooli: "When she's right, she's right!"

Doomer: "I know. I know. Time to hose them down."

Doomer hoses Mr and Mrs Kahani, But, they're still asleep.

Bloomie: "It didn't work!"

Doomer: "Maybe this water blaster thingy can help." (Connects the water blaster thingy to the hose) "Whoa!"

Mr and Mrs Kahani got blasted. But, they're still asleep.

Cadabrin: "It still didn't work!"

Gil: (The Guppies came with firefighter attire and a hose) "Time to bring out the heavy artillery!"

The hose turns on and the Guppies went flying.

Guppies: (Screaming).

They fall to the ground.

Flattering: "Guppies! Are you alright?"

Gil: (Dizzy) "We're okay."

Squidling: "Hmm. Where could Mr and Mrs Kahani be."

Gloobert: "Stay very alert, fellas! They could be anywhere."

Doomer: "On it!"

Loundrel: "While you do that. I'll make a few adjustments to the Dream Machine."

Splattery: "There they are! And they're getting on a scooter. Oh man!"

Loundrel: "Almost There! Got it! Hold still, Mr and Mrs Kahani!" (Fires a ray, But, it bounces off a mirror and it hits Doomer)

Doomer: "Whoa! I can't move!"

Cadabrin: "Look Out! Here comes Mr and Mrs Kahani!"

Bloomie: "Oh my!"

Mr and Mrs Kahani on the scooter picked up Doomer and they carried him away.

All: "Doomer!"

Deema: "I'll save you, buddy!"

Up ahead, a truck driver driving a Banana truck appears.

Banana Truck Driver: "Look at the time! I'll late for my daily delivery!"

The truck goes over a bump and the trunk opens and Banana peels fall out and Deema starts slipping.

Deema: "Yikes! Whoa! Help!"

All: "Deema!"

Zooli: "She's slipping away! C'mon, everyone! We gotta go help our friends!"

The Guppies and the Electronicles hurry after their friends.

Doomer: "Whoa! Hey! Wake up! Someone's gonna get hurt! And I think it's gonna be me!" (Screams, but the scooter moved away from the truck.)

Deema: "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Oh no!" (Screams as she goes over a ramp and falls in a pond) "I'm okay."

Doomer: (Screams as he was flung off the scooter and he hits a flag pole) "Whoa!" (Gets flung away and loses his clothes and he hits the ground) "Oww!"

Deema: (Laughs) "This is totally the most embarrassing part of the picture!" (Gets out a water-proof camera and takes a picture of Doomer)

Doomer: "Huh. What?!" (Screams as he realized that he lost his clothes, he dashes to hide behind a tree to cover himself up) "Okay. I know, I'm in my underpants, no one's around to see it." (Gets picked up by the scooter again) "Whoa!"

Deema: (Gasps)"Doomer!"

Molly: "Deema! You're okay."

Oona: "It's okay, guys. She's okay."

Zooli: "But, where did Doomer go?"

Deema: "Doomer's heading thataway! C'mon!"

The Guppies and Electronicles hurry off. Meanwhile, at a local baseball game, Doomer went flying and he hit the pitcher.

All: (Laughing).

Baseball Announcer #1: "I don't know why. But, there’s a kid with no clothes on in the middle of the ball-field."

Baseball Announcer #2: "This is the most embarrassing part ever."

All: (Laughing).

The whole embarrassing part was even on the TV screens at the TV store.

Splattery: "Where did they go?"

Flatterine: "This way!"

Cadabrin: "Wait a minute!"

Bloomie: "What?!"

All: (Laughing).

Doomer: "I have never felt so embarrassed in all my life!" (Screams as he gets taken by the scooter once again) "Oh no!" (Screams as he gets flung off it)

Deema: "Huh." (Screams) "Be careful of what you ask for."

Doomer collided into Deema and they rolled with it to the ground.

Loundrel: "Guess what. I know how to wake Mr and Mrs Kahani. I adjust the Dream Machine into an accelerated sleep mode. But, I am still working out the side effects."

Zooli: "Loundrel! Here they come! Now!"

Loundrel tries to zap Mr and Mrs Kahani, But, it bounces off the mirror and it hits Doomer.

Loundrel: "Oh man!"

Doomer: (Sleeps for a few seconds) "Hey! I feel rested and..." (Screams as he starts growing bigger)

Gil: "Whoa! Some kids do grow during sleep. A lot during sleep."

Bloomie: "Remember the time, Doomer ate that Mutant Cactus Meatball after I got the picture taken."

Doomer: "I remember. Frankie and Kaylee hypnotized me."

Nonny: "Guys! Look."

Goby: "There's something you gotta see."

Mr and Mrs Kahani went on an elevator.

Oona: "Oh no!"

Splattery: "They're going up the elevator shaft."

Doomer: "Don't worry, everyone! I shall help them before they go over the edge."

Baseball Announcer #1: "The score is now Women 2, Boys 1. And there's a big giant climbing up that skyscraper downtown!"

Baseball Announcer #2: "Everyone panic!"

All: (Screaming).

Doomer: (Catches Mr and Mrs Kahani)"I gotcha!"

In a flash, Mr and Mrs Kahani wake up.

Mr Kahani: "Huh. Why are we on top of the skyscraper, being held by Doomer."

Mrs Kahani: "What just happened?"

Doomer: "You're safe! And that's all that matters! We're all safe now! And I love you so much!"

Suddenly, Sky Brigade appears.

Doomer: "Oh no!"

Mr Kahani: "Doomer, son!"

Mrs Kahani: "Look Out! Missiles!"

Loundrel: "Well. Guys! Doomer did have a pretty good run!"

Doomer: (Jumps off the building) "Yes! They missed!" (Realizes that he let go) "Oh no!"

Mr and Mrs Kahani and Doomer scream as they fall.

Molly: "We had a pretty good run too!"

All: (Screaming).

As it turns out, that the whole thing turned out to be a dream.

Doomer: "Huh. What happened?! Guys! You're all here! And I'm fully clothed! What happened?"

Molly: "I don't know."

Loundrel: "Here come Mr and Mrs Kahani. Hide, Guppies!"

The Guppies swam away to hide as Mr and Mrs Kahani arrives.

Mrs Kahani: "Well. Looks like Doomer had one heck of a dream."

Mr Kahani: (Checks Doomer's height) "And a good sleep too! You grew half an inch."

Loundrel: "We were all in it! And I'm glad everything turned out alright in the end." (Looks at the Guppies and he winks at them and Molly winked back)

Doomer: "It sure did! I couldn't agree more!"

The Electronicles and Mr and Mrs Kahani all hugged Doomed.

Guppies: "Aww."

Molly: "Ain't love grand?"

The episode ends as the Guppies agreed.

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