Name Thundertail
Gender Male


Thundertail is a mean-spirited boy guppy, and that is why people don't like to hang out with him. He's very cruel - if he sees a ball, he has to pop it; if he finds an electric guitar, he has to smash it; and if there's a pig costume around, you can be sure he'll have it ripped to shreds in no time.

Thundertail's anger and bad attitude are infectious, so he rarely encourages anyone to join in on his adventures. On the rare occasion he does, you can be sure he'll deliver some bad-natured slapstick humor along the way. He is hardly ever the subject of the continuing joke that repeats during the episodes.


Thundertail is very tall for his age. He has peach skin; green eyes; spiky, dark turquoise hair with a leaf purposely stuck in it; and a yellow tail with dark yellow polka-dots. He wears a light gray, long-sleeved robe that reaches his tail, and he never goes anywhere without his spear.
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