Molly: okay guys what game should we play.

All: space tag.

Molly: yeah i know and you're on and you're it Gilly.

Gil: no no're it.

Molly: not for long.

Oona: go get him molly.

Deema: c'mon let's follow them.

Gil: you're it molly.

Molly: you're it Gilly.

Goby: wow look at them go.

Nonny: whoa I've never see them do that before.

Gil: you're it.

Molly: whee whoo.

Gil: whoa.

Molly: ha strike you're it.

Gil: no way.

Nonny: anyone see them.

All: no way.

Gil: ahha.

Molly: whoa whee woo-hoo.

Gil: huh uh oh whoa.

All: wow cool.

Molly: space Molly says you're it.

Gil: catch me if you can Molly slowpoke na na.

Molly: where did he go.

Deema: he's in the garage.

Molly: oh right that sneaky gilly.

Gil: (laughs)Molly will never find me in here.

Molly: ha got you.ha you're much to young to hide in the ceiling now so you're it.

Gil: you bet you can Molly.

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