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Character Info

Ali’s little sister
Name Nala
A/K/A Grandma
Age 38
Dislikes Three little pigs, little red, grandma
Gender Female
Favorite Thing to Do Cocking three little pigs
Voice Actor Zuzu Iris
First Appearance Three little pigs

Nala is 38 years old and her best friends are three little wolves


She looks like a older version of Three little wolves. But her tail is black instead of purple. Has black skin; pig-licked black hair: and yellow eyes. she has a black tail.


Nala is very energetic and loves to swim. Her most prized possession is a wish gave her before he passed away at 38. Her least favorite activity is going into the 3rd pig’s fire place, and her greatest fear of all time is three little pigs. Her favorite color is black.

Tobias seems to have slight crushes on both Smokey and Simba, but it's a mystery as to which boy she likes more.


  • Three little wolves (sons)

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