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  1. Zach
  2. Leah
  3. Molly
  4. Deema
  5. Oona
  6. Gil
  7. Goby
  8. Nonny
  9. Mermaid Coral


  • Zach: (Sings)Hey Hey Hey.Today's the day.
  • Leah: (Sings)A new adventure is on the way.
  • Zach: (Sings)We'll race and we'll run and we'll laugh and play.
  • Leah: (Sings)I feel so gladly that I got to say.Hey Hey Hey.Today's the day.

(At the lagoon.Deema and Molly are relaxing with Goby and Nonny.)

  • Molly: (Sings)Hey Hey Hey.The time is near.Our mermaid friend will soon be here.
  • Goby: (Sings)It'll be an adventure from here to there.
  • Deema: (Speaks)"Yikes."
  • All: (Gasping).
  • Molly: (Sings)You will learn.To overcome your fear.
  • Deema: (Speaks)"Oh right."
  • Molly: (Sings)Hey Hey Hey.Today's the day.
  • Oona: (Speaks)"Hey guys."
  • Gil: (Speaks)"Hello."
  • Oona: (Sings)Hey Hey Hey.
  • Gil: (Sings)It's summer.I know and I feel like flying.In summer no one be blue it's true.With me up in the air and skying.

(He gets hit by birds.)

  • Gil: (Speaks)"Hey.Whoa.Yikes.Wait.Whoa."

(He fell and landed in the water with a splash.)

  • Gil: (Speaks)"Ouch."
  • Mermaid Coral: (Speaks)"You just almost missed your friends Gil.Mostly."
  • Gil: (Speaks)"Oh man.I'm really sorry about soaking you guys with water."
  • Molly: (Speaks)"Hey guys didn't you know that Adventures comes with making mistakes."
  • All: "Oh Yeah."

(Zach and Leah are at the top of the hill.)

  • Zach: (Speaks)"Look Leah.There's our friends.The Guppy Scouts."
  • Leah: (Speaks)"Let's go see them."

(Suddenly they slip down the hill.)

  • Both: "Whoa."

(They slid towards their friends.)

  • Zach: (Speaks)"Hey guys."
  • Leah: (Speaks)"Ya know what day today is?"
  • Mermaid Coral: (Speaks)"I do."
  • All: "Huh."
  • Mermaid Coral: (Sings)Hey Hey Hey.Today's the Day.When I'm gonna sing my song today.I'll sing it the best and I know it's true.You'll be amazed at what I can.Hey Hey Hey.
  • Molly: (Speaks)"Go for It Mermaid Coral."
  • Mermaid Coral: (Speaks)"Doe,Ray,Me,Fa,So,La,Ti,Doe."
  • All: "Yeah.Alright.Whoo-Hoo.Awesome."
  • Molly: (Speaks)"What do ya know guys."
  • Mermaid Coral: (Sings)I sung my song."
  • Deema: (Sings)We are very very glad.
  • Gil: (Sings)I'm climbing so high.
  • Zach: (Sings)What fun we had.
  • Gil: (Sings)It's the climbiest...
  • Molly: (Sings)...Singiest...
  • Leah: (Sings)...Fintastiest...
  • Mermaid Coral: (Sings)...Summeriest.
  • All: (Sings)Day.Today's the day.
  • Molly: (Sings)Today's the day.
  • Gil: (Sings)Today's the day.
  • Mermaid Coral: (Sings)Today's the day.
  • All: (Sings)Today's the day.