Character Info

Vitani Tabu
Name Vitani Tabu
Gender Female
Favorite Thing to Do Playing with her toy Octopus
Voice Actor Reyna Shaskan

Vitani is the Older sister of Tierra Tabu and is 7 years old. Her best friend is Clarece. Vitani has an orange starfish bow in her hair. Her favorite food is ketchup mixed with vegetables.


Vitani Tabu is like a role model, she has many wishes and loves to be like her heroes one day. Vitani hates the outdoors and she likes to watch television all the time. She is very skinny but her parents say that she's ill. Vitani hates to be around Tierra & Opal. Clarece is quite like Vitani.


Vitani looks exactly like Tierra but she has blue eyes instead of green. She has purple hair that is worn in low pigtails with pink ties. She wears a orange star-shaped accessory in her hair. She has a cyan tail with wavy orange stripes.


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