We Are Delivery Agents is a song from the episode Elephant On The Run.

-Characters Singing-

  • Gil
  • Oona
  • Nonny


Gil: "If you have something important and you need to have it shipped..."

Oona & Nonny: "Call us up day or night,we're well trained and well equipped."

Gil: "From Singapore to Katmadu,we get the package there."

Nonny: "We always know which end is up and handle it with care,cause....."

All: "We are delivery agents! Delivery agents!"

Gil: "We deliver every package safe and sound."

All: "Yes we're delivery agents! Delivery agents!"

Oona: "We don't ever lose a package. Ask around."

Gil: "We always keep an eye out for the bad guys,cause bad guys want to steal the things we're got."

Nonny: "They sometimes try to trick us with a disguise,but do they get our package? They do not! Cause..."

All: "We are delivery agents! Delivery agents,you can count on us! To keep your things secure! Yes,we're delivery agents! Delivery agents! We don't ever lose a package! That's for sure! That's for sure!"

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