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After the Guppies accidentally send Glacier Peak to them, they got ambushed by Jack Frost. And now, they must work together to stop him.


  • This is Jack Frost's first appearance in the series.


  • Brianna Gentilella as Molly
  • Zachary Gordon as Gil
  • Jelani Imagi as Goby
  • Eamon Pirruccello as Nonny
  • Reyna Shaskan as Oona
  • Angelina Wahler as Deema
  • Eric Bauza as Tiff
  • Tino Insana as Mr Grouper
  • Jill Talley as Mrs Grouper/Tiff's Mom
  • Brian Stepanek as Tiff's Dad
  • Chris Parnell as Boris
  • Megan Hilty as Vanessa
  • Billy Ray Cyrus as Jack Frost


(The episode starts off with Tiff's mom and dad relaxing at the beach)

  • Tiff's Mom: "Phew. It's so hot today."
  • Guppies: (Arrived and raced over for the water) "Cannonball!"
  • Tiff's Dad: "Kids! Wait!" (The Guppies and Tiff stop, except for Gil, who jumps in)
  • Gil: "Aww. C'mon, guys! The water is..." (quickly overheats) "Boiling!" (screams and comes out of the water fast)
  • Tiff: "What?!"
  • Oona: "Oh man!"
  • Molly: "How are we gonna cool off?"
  • Mr Grouper: "If you ask me. It's really hot." (takes off his coat) "Ahhh...oh yeah." (suddenly starts to overheat and yelps) "Hot, hot, hot!"
  • Deema: "So much for coolness. Now what?"
  • Boris: (Comes in with Vanessa and laughs) "Hey, Bubble Smokers!"
  • Goby: "That's...Bubble Guppies."
  • Vanessa: "Whatever, this is SeaZilla. Why don't you hitch a ride."
  • Tiff: "Alright!"
  • Vanessa: (closed it) "Ha. Suckers! Fooled you!" (presses the button randomly)
  • Molly: "Uh, Vanessa! I wouldn't do that if I..." (Vanessa suddenly gets electrocuted and sighs) "Were you."
  • Vanessa: "Great work, guys! Now look what you made me do!"
  • Boris: "Actually, you pushed the button too hard. C'mon! We must go!"
  • Vanessa: "You haven't seen the last of us." (she and Boris drove away)
  • Oona: "How are we ever gonna cool off in this heat?"
  • Nonny: "Hmm. Legend has it that the coolest place ever is that mountain up there."
  • Tiff's Mom: "Glacier Peak."
  • Tiff's Dad: "Oh no! It's too dangerous!"

(But, when they got there, his opinion changes)

  • Tiff's Dad: "Dangerously cool!"
  • All: (Sighing).
  • Tiff: "This is the life!"
  • Deema: "I would do anything to have one of these in my room."
  • Gil: "Well. You better get out your wallet, Deema! It's gonna get really cool." (the ground suddenly shook) "Huh?"
  • Molly: (Gasps)
  • Gil: (Screams)
  • Oona: "Oh. This can't be good." (The shaking then stops)
  • All: (Sighing).

(Suddenly, the cliff part slides off and it goes down the mountain with everyone in tow.)

  • All: (Screaming)
  • Deema: (Laughing)

(It then crashed into the ground covering everything in snow.)

  • Deema: (Pops her head out) "Wow! That was awesome!"
  • Gil: (pops out and then, slides down, but, bumps into a big ice-block.) "Ow." (Gasps) "Guys! Look."
  • Oona: "What do you think that is inside all that ice?"
  • Tiff: (Gasps) "It's an evil Winter sprite!"

(The ice breaks and the winter sprite was released.)

  • Jack Frost: (Laughing maniacally).
  • All: (Gasping).
  • Nonny: "Hmm. Let's see what I missed in the book of mystical magical creatures. Hmm. Watery snakes, wee little elves...Here we go! Winter sprites. Oh boy! It's a magic creature that roams only on snow."
  • Jack Frost: "Nothing can stop me now!" (Freezes Tiff's Mom and Dad.)
  • Tiff: (Gasps) "Mom! Dad!"
  • Jack Frost: "This thing should be my honorary."
  • Gil: "I still can't believe all of this is happening."
  • Mrs Grouper: "We tried to warn you, but, no."
  • Deema: "Pull the covers up! I'm cold!"
  • Mrs Grouper: "We need to get you kids all warmed up."
  • Mr Grouper: "Here Guys! (Takes off his coat) You Guys need this better than I do."
  • Goby: "Thanks, Mr Grouper!"
  • Gil: "But, what should we do with it? Take turns wearing it?"
  • Molly: "Nope! We're gonna share it. Mrs G. Can you buy us some time."
  • Mrs Grouper: "Of course! Leave this to me!"

(As Mrs Grouper tries to go after Jack Frost, he freezes her. Vanessa and Boris arrived.)

  • Vanessa: (Sighs)"This feels much cooler. Now, to get the Guppies back!"

(They turned into a set of skis.)

  • Boris: "SeaZilla! Meet, SnowZilla."

(The Guppies are already stacking on top of each other and putting on the coat.)

  • Molly: "Oh Boy! This feels nice and cool!"
  • Deema: "I kind of like it."
  • Nonny: "It will keep us warm in no time at all."
  • Gil: "But, how are you gonna stay warm, Mr Grouper."
  • Mr Grouper: "I'll be fine. Don't worry about me."

(Jack Frost freezes Mr Grouper.)

  • Goby: "This better work. Or we're toast. Or doomed. Or even frozen-ified!"
  • Molly: "Hello! We're a really big distraction!"
  • Jack Frost: "Time to freeze you now!"
  • Gil: "Run, Deema! No! No! Other way!"
  • All: "Whoa!"
  • Jack Frost: "Prepare for the big chill!"
  • Boris: "Hey, kiddies! We're Back!"
  • Vanessa: "You're having fun with that hairy little kid instead of me."
  • Jack Frost: "I am not a kid!" (freezes Vanessa and Boris)
  • All: (Gasping)
  • Deema: "Lookin good, Vanessa!"
  • Jack Frost: (Confused on what Deema said, until he turns to the guppies) "Alright, I'll totally freeze you all!"

(He got in a SnowZilla.)

  • Tiff: "What do we do now, guys?"
  • Molly: "I know just what to do. Jump Deema!" (They jump) "Take that, Mr Frost!"

(The hatch closes and Jack Frost got frozen solid inside.)

  • Oona: "Wow!"
  • Nonny: "A Winter Sprite snow globe. Nice!"
  • Tiff: "We did it! We stopped Jack Frost."
  • Gil: "Okay, Guys! Time to unfreeze this place and all our friends, including Boris."

(A little while later, everything was all warmed up. Vanessa, however, has caught a cold.)

  • Goby: "Thanks for the ride, Vanessa!"
  • Vanessa: "Thanks for the cold, kids." (Sneezes) "Achoo!"
  • Boris: "Aww, man. What did you do to the SnowZilla."
  • Tiff: "Oh. We turned it into a snow globe souvenir."
  • Molly: "No need to thank us."
  • Boris: "This isn't over, Guppies! I will have revenge!"
  • Gil: "So, Guys. What do you think we should do now?"
  • Nonny: "I know a place that's cooler. The nice refreshing cool water perfect for swimming and maybe, there may be creatures down there."
  • Molly: "Oh boy!"
  • Deema: "Here we go, again!"

(The episode ends)