Wonders of the World is a song from The Wizard of the Magical Kingdom (Extended Version.)

Characters singing-

  • Professor Merman
  • Molly


Professor Merman: " Da-dah! Oh, yes indeed... and now. Mirabile dictu, et curibus pluribus unum! Or to use the venacular, behold Professor Merman's Magical Lantern. To see the wonders of the world, you won't need to go too far from home... Not too far at all... Molly, there are other ways to see the world, so shift your gaze. To this extravagant appliance. Mainly magic, slighty science. With no stressful travel plans as you don't have to move. From Bubbletucky see... The unabridged assembled wonders of the world. Fly the coop and cross the ocean. Time and distance set in motion. Grab this chance to wander yonder. All the earth is ours to ponder. From the poles to the equator no one could provide. A greater view. There's the nile now some don't give a hoot that it's the longest river. But we know in miles of course. It's four one eighty sea to source, it's nature at it's most prolific. Pyramids are quite terrific too. So welcome to the waiting wonders of the world. Sometimes we may feel something simply can't be real. Like a road beneath your feet that's paved with gold. I would be inclined to maintain an open mind. For truth is very strange if truth be told. There's old popocatepetl New York city glass and metal. Everest unconquered mountain over five miles high and countin'. Here's the arctic snow and polar bears and northen lights and solar flares. A myriad exquisite wonders of the world. Imagine red and blue on the mountains of Peru. And sahara sands of yellow burning white. In jungles black and white fearsome creatures never seen other then right now. Oh that's not right! I'm so sorry that was from my private collection. Moving rapidly along... we don't have to take it slowly, here's tibet remote and holy. Angel falls in Venezula Eiffel Tower, humpback whale, a moment feeling all the thrills of being near the seven hills of Rome. Oh so many sights to savour. This has merely been a flavour. Maybe time for one more wonder. Very strange it looks like thunder. But the point that I'm conveying is you see it all while staying home. And home is one of many wonders of the world. The unabridged assembled wonders of the world."

Molly and Professor Merman: "Professor Merman's patent wonders. Of the. World."

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