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Avi: Ow! My bone!

Avi's Mom: You'll Be Okay! Let's get you to the hospital.



Jimberly's friend Avi broke a bone in his tail, and has gone to see a doctor. And Jimberly gets worried about him.

Note: This episode is dedicated to Charlie O'Donnell. Also, in one Ashlie and Tobias sketch, you can see the original Mrs. Grouper, except she's blue.

Songs: "A Pile of Bones" (Has a reprise that is sung by both Olivia and Jimberly), "Check-up"

Shop: Dr. Olivia's Office

Lunch Jokes: A Hambulance on Rye Jonsey

Storybook: "Jungle Doctors"

Field Trip: The hospital

Important Character: Jimberly